Flux Moire

Game 10

"You're under Arrest!"

Reflecting on the mirrored waters in the bay just off of Elberine Beach, the sun was setting as Midnite watched from his veranda on the steps of the Fallen Star. It was a beautiful night for a fight.

“You’re under Arrest!” the false sheriff Gauss bellowed loud enough for all passers by to hear. The Ten were not afraid and looked to be mocking the Sheriff. Vessel 12 even called out the Sheriff and claimed him to be a Doppleganger. He stepped forward with some sort of magical proof of such, but something was not right. Vessel 12’s voice grew a little nervous. The Ten for the first time in recent memory seemed without confidence. Gauss declared again his intentions, the Ten charged the false Sheriff to prove their knowledge that he is indeed a false city official.

It didn’t take long, most of the Sheriff’s men were dead except for the reinforcements that teleported in. However, the false Sheriff Gauss was still standing, barely. He had his men throw shackles on all the combatants that were down and that included Orb, Tatsu, Vadania, Chamber, Dead Stanley and Vessel 12. The rest of the Ten were either not involved in the fight or fled once all hope of surviving was lost.

Vessel 12 was the first to wake. He found himself at the top of a tower, under-hung on the vaulted ceiling. He saw the others that were captured around the top of the ceiling, all unconscious. A very large white armored individual was standing at the bottom of the tower and declared “It’s good to see you again Vessel 12.” Vessel 12 responded only with the man’s name; Vessel 3.



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