Flux Moire

Game 2



Vessel 12

The aftermath of The Execution was bloody indeed. Ninety Eight souls dropped down a plane, few were willing to fight, and those that did survived. Only Thirty Two survived the melee. Even in death, Sebassis got what he came for. The blood and souls of Sixty Six innocents were missing, gathered by a great beast. Omen? Prophesy? What is now known is that The Ten are entwined in a tangled skein of murder, lies and deceit, born from a lust for power. Even in death, Sebassis holds sway.

The ten split up some of the spoils of war that were kept after the battle of The Hub. The two most notable items were the executioner’s former axe The Inevitable was given to Orb, and a purple stone, that was found on Sebassis’ chest was taken by Peanut (Driroth), who immediately sold the “soul gem” to the nearest magic item shop. Unbeknownst to the Ten until after the transaction, party members scolded Peanut for his lack of courtesy and were taught a painful lesson. For it is now known that that gem was a hinge-pin to Sebassis’ plans.

After the Ten finished their personnel errands (including Vessel 12 who struck a deal with a Dwarven Weaponsmith) they met back at The Hub, where Sheriff Gauss was in attendance observing the previously nights crime scene. The party quickly made there way over to the Sheriff to find out any outstanding information about the battle. The Ten learned that an investigation was ongoing and that the city had involved members of the Fell Watch to help. The group was well met by Zarina who was the main contact for the Fell Watch who was in charge of the supernatural component of the investigation. Zarina was given permission by Sheriff Gauss and by proxy PrinceDenari, to offer the Ten a role in the investigation. The group quickly accepted and was escorted by the Sheriff to Precinct One.

Sheriff Gauss led the group into Precinct One of the Sentries. He ushered them down into the dungeons below the tower where they met Zarina’s subordinate Chamber a Warden of the Fell Watch (who has two very wicked looking wands Chamber’s Wands). Chamber led the party over to a shackled Imp named Druzil who was Sebassis’ familiar. He gave free reign to get information out of the imp to the Ten. Vessel 12 took over the interrogation of Druzil with quick reprimands for non answers. After Vessel 12 removed Druzil ’s tail, horns and one arm, very little but vital information was gathered: that Sebassis’ lair was somewhere in Zsasz within The Greenbelt. And from his evil hideout only one man ever escaped his clutches, a thief by the name of Barnum. In addition, it was learned by talking with Chamber that he caught the familiar Druzil at the orphanage of Saint Cains.

After gathering as much intelligence from Druzil and Chamberas the group thought necessary, they decided to head over to the orphanage to find out why Sebassis invaded there three times. On the third time is when Chamber caught Druzil. The group talked with a nun named Mishicol. It seems that the orphanage was one of the places where Sebassis would come to steal children for his profane magics. Particularly one of the children’s drawings stood out as the fear that Sebassis imparted on these innocent children. Finding that this was only a dead end, the party decided to track the thief Barnum.

Feeling bad about tearing Druzil appendages off, Vessel 12 decided to make a cage for the imp and started feeding him meats. This tactic is where the group found out about Barnum and his ability to escape the clutches of Sebassis. It was discovered that Barnum ’s favorite haunt was that of the feared vampire bar the Sanguine Smile. The group made quick friends with the barkeep named Jeremi by handing him some gold pieces. He disclosed that indeed Barnum hung out there and he was actually in the building with his favorite girl Coin. The party found out what room he was in and rushed up stairs to confront the thief.

Inside Coin’s room was a frightening scene. Coin was crawled up in the corner crying. At the foot of the bed was a blood bath and the remains of Barnum, the ten called up Jeremi to look after Coin. After a little investigating, Coin admitted that she was the one who had killed her patron! With some quick thinking by Driroth he read her mind to find out why. He saw in the mists of her mind a whitish blond lady in a cloak offering Coin some coin to kill Barnum. The lady looked exactly like Zarina who was playing on Coin’s private problem of an addiction to Werewolf’s blood to do some ‘dirty work.’ The group was shocked to hear of the revelation and kept the information quiet from Chamber until further notice, just in case…

Coin and Jeremi offered to raise Barnum as a vampire to avoid any legal trouble and the group would get some answers for ‘saving’ Barnum’s life. After he was raised and healed. He was told to lead the Ten to Sebassis’ lair in Zsasz. Chamber mentioned it might be a good idea to get a writ to enter the land of Yuan-ti, as they are not a kind folk.

The group made there way to the Greenbelt with Barnum and Chamber. They rented some boats to travel down the main river. Most of the party flew just above the boats to avoid spending too much gold. About one hour into the journey a fork in the river was reached. On the small peninsula was Precinct Six, the lone jurisdiction to the whole of The Green belt. The group took the right side of the fork in the river. Further down the lazy river the land on the left side of the river suddenly turned into a thick triple canopied jungle. Eyes were quickly felt on the party and nerves ran high. Soon thereafter Barnum had the boats pull off to the side of the river. He led the party into the thick jungle.

It didn’t take long for the group to know they were being watched and followed. Chamber held up the writ hoping that that would quell the anger of the denizens of Zsasz. His rank and writ seemed to do the job and the group found their way to a triad of dead trees, the gateway to Sebassis’ lair. Barnum pointed upward to a portal that hung betwixt and above the trees. The party members that could fly helped those that could not and they flew through the portal to another dimension. Suddenly they were in the middle of an ocean plane, and above the water and portal was an Airship that was resting mid-flight. The ship was Sebassis home.

On board The Osirin the ten scoured the ship for clues. A cargo hold full of undead was left for Peanut to guard as punishment for selling the soul gem. The rest of the group made there way to the captain’s quarters and searched. Under a carpet a secret door to the profanimancer’s personal library was found and it was filled with hundreds of valuable books of undeath and evil. Inside the secret library was another secret door that led to a lab. There were 4 tables, one of which had a dead Yuan-ti whose throat had been cut. Body parts littered another table, and on a third table a large pan filled with blood. Two large cabinets were filled with components and some potions, which the group quickly pilfered. A few interesting items were found, including a snake statue which was the key into finding his secret lab (within a secret lab, within a secret library.) Inside this lab were two headless Yuan-ti who were writhing. They both had similar gem stones on their chests but smaller that the purple one that Peanut sold.

Satisfied with the information found to this point, the group decided to head back up on deck. Unfortunately they discovered Driroth had gotten bored and wondered into the forecastle to search some empty coffins that were there. In place of where Peanut was standing were two Mummies tearing off the lock and chains to the hold of undead. On the forehead of the lead Mummy was burned the sigil of the Shepard of Soulspirail. Weapons were readied, spells were cast. The Ten charged through the doors of the Captain’s Quarters on The Osirin to brush with death.



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