Flux Moire

Game 4


The Ten spent a few hours scouring The Osirin for spoils and clues. A few items of note were found by Orb: Two chests, one filled with gold the other semi-precious gemstones. Also, the phrase “Lummitus, 66 souls should be enough…” scribbled on a piece of paper. Another shred of paper just says the word, “Asterion?”
The others found a couple of books that were deemed magical and were confiscated.

One of the living “Zombies” was also discovered to be still living. He has been recovering slowly on the ship on a diet of peanuts and daiquiris.

Once the ship was ransacked it was determined a few should stay to guard the ship. The rest of the ten decided to head back to town. Once back in the jungle a green cloaked figured approached the group asking questions aboutBarnum. His name was Pocket and spoke for the Men about town. Little information was given and received, but Pocket was well met, it is hoped.

The ten decided to make their way over to the headquarters of the Felwatch, Beaken Manor.
Once inside the group met with Zarina. She seemed moderately happy with the Ten and they were given a Silver scroll case which contained a letter of Mark for demons that are considered an extreme menice to society. If the Ten decided to hunt demons, the letter gives them authority and they will be paid 1200 gold for each demon “apprehended.” Zarina was acting very strangely during their meeting but managed to ask the Ten for their help without prying eyes or ears being able to understand the news.

After deciding to help Zarina, the Ten decided to head over to the Emporium to find the salesman who bought Sebassis’ soul gem from Driroth aka Peanut. A small dwarf was unlucky enough to tell the Ten that he was the purchaser of the gem. He was taken into a back room and interrogated until the following information was gleaned:
That Zarina’s husband Reech has been apprehended by agents of Sebassis and taken underground in the section of town called Piston at an unnamed dark magic shop owned by Salamander Sal.

The group enters Salamander Sal’s shop and starts asking questions. Sal momentarily silences the area to tell the group that below his shop were a group of Yuan-ti holding a prisoner (Reech) captive. The group comes up with a hasty ambush and descends the stairs to rescue Reech.

The Ten walk right into an ambush. Dasqana and a band of Yuan-Ti archers stand ready with a dagger poised to dispatch Reech if the Ten don’t do as she asks. Typically the Ten do not obey the terrorist and decide to fight instead of negotiate. Reech’s throat is cut and he is dropped through a portal. Melee insues.



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