Flux Moire

Game 5


Many lessons were learned in the battle below Salamander Sal’s shop, but the most important lesson was that fighting a Pyromancer was a bad idea.

Dasqana held her own against the fury of the ten. Her bowman didn’t get many opportunities to smite any of group, but the pyromancer did, over and over again.

Much healing was required during the battle and after, but the Ten were victorious after Dasqana’s head was removed from her shoulders from a terrible blow from The Inevitable. However, her body teleported away as the sound of a contingency went off once she died…

If it weren’t for the selfless act of jumping into a portal after Reech both Vadania and Deathwing, the dwarf would be dead today. The two of ten ended up in a cage in a faraway castle courtyard. The Raptoran Kaylan Deathwing used his acidic abilities to eat through the cage to escape. In the middle of the courtyard a dark skinned man was being held captive. So, the two and Reech decided that all captives in this castle must be friends. They rushed to the mans side and realized it was Gauss the sheriff of the city. The denizens of the castle started to appear including a white clad leader who was unhappy about his quarry trying to escape. A few dopplegangers got through and darted the captives, and it is known that their personae will be used against their will somewhere somehow. Gauss quickly summoned his staff of office, and teleported the party back to safety in Flux.

Salamander Sal was not pleased with the state of his storage area after the melee. In fact his exact words were, “What the fuck?” He was also not given any spoils, for Dasqana had quite a few shiny trinkets that she left behind.

Gauss had much information to tell the Ten, but little time to do it in. In confidence he informed the Ten of his relationship with Zenobia the Shogun of Flux. He needed to leave to tell her she was in danger, for Gauss had been taken long ago. And this was actually the first time the ten were meeting the real Sheriff. He had been doppleganged a few weeks back. The ten then realized there were few people they could actually trust beyond themselves, for a dark and twisted plot has been revealed in the quiet town of Flux.


Doppelganged.” Hah!!!

Game 5

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