Flux Moire

Game 6



Driroth was enjoying his daiquiri. His keen sense of sight was the only thing that saved him. The platoon of assassins who attacked were not ready for the fury of Peanut. His drink flew through the air as he attacked the first of the waves of assassins that flooded over the side of the ship. In a blood fury, time passes fast. Driroth with no other foes to vanquish was saddened at the sight of his empty cut on the deck of The Osirin.

Meanwhile, back inside Aram’s shop the Ten were deciding their next action when a strange looking family comes in. They are not what they seem, and soon transform out of the dweomer placed upon them and turn into Gauss, Reech, Zarina and Ahrimell. Ahrimell was quickly introduced to the party and started examining the shop for spys and spying devices. Zarina wanted to show her gratitude to the ten and gave them 100 gold pieces as a thank you. The Sheriff tells the party of his need to go and find the fortress in the wasteland that held him captive for so long. He also explains that Ahrimell has graciously given Zarina and Reech sanctuary in his old sunken Abbey. A place that he has made into a safe house during a lifetime of paranoia and magical proficiency. Anyone who stays there may not be scryed upon or gleened in any way. Also, it is absolutely teleport proof. The invitation to this enchantment breaking palace was also given to the Ten if they need it. A feather that works only once was given. If those who seek passage can make it to the thieves highway must drop the feather. The Ten were specifically told by Ahrimell to “remember how to get there, cause it only works once!” In addition, Gauss was asked if the Ten need to trust any of his guard who they should contact. He told the group of a captain named Antinen who is loyal. Also, Gauss will be unreachable for the foreseeable future so if the Ten need to contact him, contact Ahrimell first.

Vessel 12 decided it was prudent to find a bank for his gold so he decided to leave it with a bank run by Duegars that has never in the history of flux to have been infiltrated and robbed. Zog is the Duegar who is always there… On his way back from the bank Pocket stops him on the side of the street. Pocket wanted to introduce someone of interest to Vessel 12; just then a liquid metallic substance started to come out of the nearest grate in the street. It quickly formed into the shape of a large man and introduced himself as Flazen, a mercury golem and member of Statuary. He explains that the Statuary is an organization of constructs who want personal freedoms and rights like the rest of the living. Flazen offers Vessel 12, and his servants (the Ten) a job to protect a very special construct that has been hidden from city officers. Vessel 12 was given a small pearl and was told to smash it if he accepted their job offer. The job was for 2000 gold to protect with an additional 2000 gold if successful.

While Aram was tending to his shop a shade stopped him in his stairwell to talk. It turns out that the Shade is the right hand “Man” of Denari the Prince of Flux. The shade offered Aram a job to destroy a construct that has been hidden by the Statuary.

So now the Ten is stuck with the choice of protecting this mechanical beast from city officials and thus spurning the Prince. Or help the city by turning into mercenaries and destroying the construct.

The Ten decided to help the Statuary only because they offered more time to view the construct. The group wanted to find out why this construct was so important to so many different people. They tried to make it clear to both parties that they were trying not to take sides until they could decide on their own, what was at stake.



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