Flux Moire

Game 7


Faced with a difficult decision, the Ten decided to choose themselves. To most it would seem they chose the Statuary over the city, however the Ten wanted to decide for themselves what this powerful construct was all about. So, Vessel 12 smashed the pearl.

A knock at Aram‘s shop door signaled the Statuary’s presence. Flazen along with two twin wizards entered the shop. Elves by the name of Selen and Velen quickly started work on a Teleportation circle that would take the Ten to a Warehouse yard.

After being whisked away through time and space, the Ten found themselves standing just outside of the Grey Stone Trading Company. The owner of the company Burrich was there to greet the Ten. He welcomed the group and the Ten quickly started their assessment of the situation. It turns out that this construct was originally found by Pocket. It is filled with extra-planar tools and multiple appendages. Burrich feels that he is very close to reviving the beast and is just about to conduct a ceremony that would imbue the soul of a friend construct, Ezra, into the beast. Her original warforged body is too old and she needs a new home. With such a heart-warming story, how could the Ten not help out the Statuary

Pocket steps forth from the shadows to five the Ten a briefing on the units that are on their way to infiltrate the warehouse and destroy the beast. A company of White Ravens have been dispatched with one high level leader. Also, a Sha’Tamu (Mages of the Grey) Necromancer has also been employed.

The group has just a half an hour to set up a defensible position inside a warehouse with far too many outside doors to protect from. Traps were laid, spells were cast, the Ten felt as if their hasty ambush was a good plan. It was not. The White Ravens appeared just outside the gate revealing their position. Apparently, they had been there for quite a while and knew all about the plan. Ethelas the bald leader of the White Ravens declared his intentions to kill all who oppose him. The Ten ignore his request and the battle begins.

Mercenaries flood in through every exit and entrance of the Grey Stone Trading Company. The Ten hold their ground but are flanked on all sides. They pull back into the warehouse after extinguishing most of the White Ravens. From there the Necromancer descends in from a blast in the roof. The Ten dispatch him and his servants within a few rounds. Meanwhile a group of rogue half-lings sneak into a secret room which contains a monstrous spider demon encased in Ice. The Ten were unaware of this room or beast. Mazyx who found the halflings starts to charm each one and fire upon each other with their fire wands instead of at ice, containing the beast. Unfortunetly he was too late and the monster explodes from it’s icy prison and starts to smash through the walls, killing everyone in its path.

Meanwhile the ceremony is finished and Ezra’s soul has been transfered during the battle. The construct comes to life just as the demonic spider crashes through the wall. The two beasts swing at each other a few times then both make their escapes. The spider through the back wall, and the construct through a tear in the fabric of reality that it made!

Explosions tear through the hallways as the ten light makeshift powder barrels and toss them towards the assailants. Chaos reigns the in the warehouse.

Afterward, the Ten plus a few of the Statuary are left standing wondering what they should do. Burrich, the owner of the warehouse and the warforged who seems to have most of the answers is badly hurt. Vessel 12 gets out his kit and starts to fix the old mage.

Not knowing what future holds for him, the hero Driroth decides to jump through the newly created tear in reality and follows the construct. No one else decides to follow.



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