Flux Moire

Game 8


The Ten quickly take inventory after the battle in the warehouse. No deaths check; all items accounted for, check; minor wounds, definitely. Then all attention is diverted to the problem: the massive tear in reality that is standing before them.

Windslow the flesh Golem and Flazen the mercury golem both survived the melee relatively unscathed. However, their master, Burrich was not as lucky. He lives, but barely. Vessel 12 immediately gets his tool kit out and starts working to fix the old warforged. Quickly a repair spell is applied and Burrich wakes up and finishes the ‘healing’ process.

Now that Burrich is awake, the questions rain down on him. He has a few answers, as do the academics among the Ten. Meanwhile the spider creature is crashing his way through Flux leaving a path of destruction in his wake. The Ten decide to take a closer look at the Portal, it turns out it is a Rend in Reality that is called a Malignancy. And kept unchecked the malignancy will only get bigger, according to Burrich. Not only is this malignancy a tear in reality, it is a tear through time that leads to another Prime Material Plane. Additional questions were asked about the spider beast. And with Burrich’s knowledge combined with that of those of the Ten skilled in the arts of arcanic lore; it was determined that the beast was indeed a ‘Retriever.’ It is an extra-planer construct that is built specifically to find items or even people. They are highly resistant to damage and constantly repairs itself. Retrievers also are always under the effects of a ‘discern location spell.’ Once awakened, a Retriever will not stop until they retrieve the object or person that they are programmed to find. Unless of course they are stopped first, which to the Ten, is the only option.

A fluttering of wings is heard in the front of the warehouse and Kalen Deathwing dispatches himself to find the source of the sound. Kalen found what looked like a toad with feathered batwings. It flew over to Burrich who explained that it was his homunculus “Nezeroh”. Once that Burrich was healed and whole, he decides to take Nezeroh and Windslow into the rift to close it. Before he leaves, Burrich charges Flazen to take down the retriever. Then he and his companions jump into the rift, Kaylen Deathwing without hesitation, follows them into the rift with complaints from the Ten.

The Ten fly out into the streets hidden from view of the false Sheriff and his Riot-geared Sentries. They fly down the path that the Retriever has made by destroying buildings, making his own road through Flux.

Meanwhile, Vadania was out on some personal errands and was conferring with an orange cat-like gentleman named Nico in the Hub. The Ten swoop down and snatch her up from her dealings so she could help in the pursuit of the Retriever.

It becomes quite apparent to the Ten, as they flew after their prey, that the Retriever was heading towards Onavon the bard college inside of Tier Universus. Standing in defiance out front of the college was a very familiar dragon, Tatsu and a dwarven samurai named Anryu Dokuga. They were met with the cheers of the Ten as the battle outside Onavon began in earnest. The Retriever was focused on its target which was at the top of a tower. The Ten plus Flazen and the Samuraii Anryu Dokuga kept fighting the beast as it climbed the tower towards its prize. The group kept up with their prey any way they could, flying, climbing or even riding the beast as it moved emotionlessly forward. Many were hurt or flung off the tower, as the beast pressed on. Just as the Retriever reached the top of the tower it was vanquished and plummeted backward all the way to the ground. Just then very loud noise and flashing red light started to pulse out of the retriever as it regenerated with quickness. The Ten’s hopes were dashed, all that work for naught.

As the Ten retightened their grips on their weapons to start again, three doorways rose from the ground. The three heads of the Triumvirate and Archmages of the Asylum step out. Apparently they were called to arms by Colette Anathema a violinist who was playing her violin during the fight. The Triumvirate did not hold back in their use of their specialized magic. A scintillating dome was conjured over the beast so he could not move. Mangus summoned a swarm of swords that pelted the Retriever in a tornado of death. Riah summoned an Elder Earth Elemental to pummel the enemy. Finally in a fit of frustration Kozier banished the beast from whence he came, with a snap of his fingers.

The Ten did a quick inventory check and realized Mazyx was missing. Apparently, he got himself Faerie napped by a bounty hunter. With some quick thinking and a sharp knife, he cut the lining of the enchanted bag that contained him.

The Ten did not have time to talk with the Archmages, they left the scene as quickly as they arrived. While talking with Colette Anathema, the Sheriff of Flux and his Sentries show up to arrest the Ten. He is informed that they have taken Sanctuary under the protection of Onavon, which incidentally is a church. The Sheriff left in a huff.



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