Flux Moire

Game 9


Game 9


Battered and bloody and a little irritated that their work was finished by some arch-mages; the Ten are led inside Onavon by the beautiful Colette Anathema. Colette is the violin teacher at the Bards College; she does her best to escort the Ten through the school without attracting too much attention. However, the large scuffle between the Ten and the Retriever was viewed by most of the students. Despite her concern, a large crowd was following the party to the Hospital. Those that needed healing received it, for Colette and all of Onavon were very grateful to the Ten for protecting whatever it was that the Retriever was after.

Healed and refreshed, the group was led to a large lecture hall. After the party walked ina small gnome with a lute starts speaking in a strange guttural language and the doors start to grow veins of iron to keep it shut, much to the chagrin of all the students outside the room.

The Ten are met by two others that combined with Colette Anathema are the representatives of Onavon. They are a gnome named Gimble, the Head Singing coach, and Belezara a beautiful elf who teaches lute. The three teachers ask many questions of the Ten and vise versa. It becomes necessary for the teachers to let the Ten in on a secret that only a few in Flux know about. The Ten decide to succumb to a spell that they will always keep the secret. Even if one of the Ten misspeak or is charmed their words will become mumbled. Those that are apart of the Secret are: Acacia, Orb, Vessel 12, Mazyx, Jalim, Aram, Vadania, Tatsu.

Gimble dims the lights with a thought, and Colette Anathema starts playing her violin. The spell has begun.
Flux is at the center of many things, and because of this many tears, holes and malignancies appear within its borders. The head bards of the college of Onavon are charged with closing all of these portals with magic. They have what is called a Geiger. They play alone at the top of their tower, and all they do is close these holes to keep the city safe. The good ones live forever, the bad ones get sucked in and the great ones kill themselves. For the magic they weave is of a tune of bards magic that is best described as ‘mad.’ The current Geiger Osao plays invisibly at the top of the tower and he has a Lehroling who happens to be Colette Anathema. The student and next Geiger will be Gimble. The Geiger plays a Viola, the Zan Viola, that plays the music that contains a madness that will close the holes in reality.

One hundred years ago, a retriever was caught in The Hub and frozen on ice.

At the end of the story, Gimble opens the doors to the lecture hall to reveal Kaylan Deathwing. The Ten immediately see if he needs anything, and are very happy to see him. Kaylan was apparently gone for four months in the other dimension. For the Ten it had only been a few hours. Kaylan describes thousands of the scouts in this other dimension. Ezra disappeared quickly and they could not find her. Also, Driroth, aka ‘Peanut’, was seen and alive but was on a personal mission of some sort… The horde of ‘scouts’ were digging a gigantic hole in the middle of the desolate world. The sky is black and seems to be living.

During the four months they were there Burrich worked diligently to close the portal. Once he decided it was time to go back, they started to make their way through the malignancy and the ‘scouts’ went ballistic and started attacking. Burrich and Kaylan Deathwing made it back through but the flesh Golem Winslow who was guarding their retreat was not as lucky.

The Ten continued their conversation with the Bards in the sealed lecture hall. Apparently there is a legend of an army of constructs that is virtually unstoppable. To follow up on who was involved with the release of this Retreiver, Belezara prepared herself to read the mind of the Halfling Willem who was still under a charm from Mazyx. It turns out the Druzil was the one who charmed all three halflings and gave them some fire sticks to melt the ice. Conveniently the fire wands were no where to be found after the battle in the Grey stone trading company. But the most important piece of knowledge that Belezara gleaned was that he smelled of whisky.

With all of the knowledge that was gained by listening to the Bards, the Ten decide to take some action. They need to find Druzil. One of the bards mentioned that there are a couple of shady bars down by Bayside and The Slips. It was determined that the best probable bar that he would hang out in would be The Fallen Star who was owned and operated by the famously neutral owner Midnite.

On the way, Mazyx decides to send his psicrystal to go find Chamber, he is the expert in catching Druzil

It was determined that to get into The Fallen Star one must be psychic or have coin to buy his way in. The Ten did both of these entry fees.

Many strange people and creatures hang out in The Fallen Star some of them famous: Mangus was drunk at the bar with a hot chick behind him waiting for someone… There was a Gaunt man – actually strange green person with a good talking to a Golden armored chick. There was even a girl in a sun dress, clearly the most dangerous of all the denizens, including a Balhor dæmon was eating a bucket half full of Kobalds. Additionally, a white haired man with a gigantic Flamberge was drinking a massive goblet of blood. All beings of every plane and distant land can hang out at the The Fallen Star without prejudice or fear of arrest.

In the far corner was a very drunk imp talking with a guy with a pin striped suit and rectangular glasses, Midnite.

Many different tactics were taken to get information out of Druzil but clearly the only thing that helped was more whisky, or a very powerful drink called ’power word kill.’
Apparently, Sebassis is playing very loud terrible music all day everyday, and Druzil used to be the Bahlor dæmon’s familiar!

A deal is struck with Midnite to be able to take the now passed out Druzil away from the bar but the Ten have to bring him back within 24 hours with no memory of what we did. So, of course the Ten take the deal and leave the bar.

Standing outside of the bar silhouetted by the setting sun on the calm bay is the false Sheriff and a platoon of Sentries. The Sheriff yells to the Ten “Lay down your weapons, you are all under arrest.”



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