Killoren ranger. Stealth extraordinaire (except when she's riding around on her giant owl, Teco). Usually has brown skin, evergreen hair (when she takes the Killoren aspect of the hunter which she uses most often). She comes in at a lanky 6 ft. Acacia has


Race: Killoren
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
AC: 17- leafweave studded leather (1 move silent)
HP: 29
Saving Throws: fort-4, ref-7, will-3
Attack Rolls: melee-6, ranged-9, grapple-6
Notable Skills: Handle Animal (Teco, owl mount)=11, Knowledge nature=8, Hide=11, Listen=10, Move Silently=21, Search=10, Spot=10
Weapon: MACESS (Mighty Composite Elven Craft Shortbow of Shock)
Att Bonus- 8m (can be used to blunt hit)/10 r. Damage-1d6
3 per arrow Crit-x3 Range-70
Activated shock damage on arrows-1d6. Also has Rapid Shot (2 arrows at once),and Point Blank Shot (within 30ft=+1 attack/damage)
Mount: Owl Teco.
Size: Small owl throughout the day, can be made Large for mount 1 hr/day
Tricks: Attack, Seek, Fetch, Defend
Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery


Acacia about nature-
“Nature is not your mother, it does not care for you because you are of little consequence to nature itself. It is a spinning wheel of bountiful harvests and unholy disasters. It duals mercy and cruelty without preference. It is to be respected, not loved. Utilized, but not thanked. I have been endowed with the force of Nature and I feel its presence as a comforting fear. It blankets me in nothingness which is what I strive to be: unheard, unseen, undetected. It is a far better victory over an enemy if they never even recognize you’re there as you bring them to their end. To exist in the shadows, and wield the power of nature is my birthright. It is not however, a chosen path. I come from a lengthy line of obligation and am here solely out of duty. My people are a people of conviction and passion for Earth. They love it, but they do not understand as I do. Nature’s essence lies in its duality: being a forgettable background one moment, and giver of life to all the next. The failure of understanding the abysmal beauty of the power to be everything and nothing all at once is why I’m here. It’s why I left. I can choose to be nonexistent, nothing, or harness nature’s might and be everything. More ardently and fervently than everything else, I believe in nothing.”
Acacia about her mission-
“The fertility crisis came as news to me very late. I had stopped having children long since, my first son, Jecco, is completely grown. My last son, Net, is the youngest Killoren in our community and he is an adolescent. At first, we were losing pregnancies which is even more uncommon amongst killoren than humans. We researched what little books and possessions we keep. We did the rituals that are supposed to display how much we love nature and win her favor. After that, we stopped having pregnancies all together. Though there is not a spousal love amongst killorens, there is a sort of preference or possession among those that bear your children. When no one was getting pregnant, partners were switched. This caused anarchy, violent disputes and was, pardon the pun, fruitless. Then came the preservation and medical procedures that are not natural to our kind and these false pregnancies did not work either. The elders think we are being punished but can’t figure out for what. We have lived the same way for centuries: isolated in a forest, living off the land, having few possessions, migrating or defending territory as needed. When the elders couldn’t think of a reason we deserve punishment, it lead us to the stone. Crisis is happening, that’s what the stone is for, it must be time for the stone.
Most of us were sent to find the possibly-existing stone. Though I do not think our ancestors would write falsehoods, I also regard the prophecy as being very vague and unclear. If there is a stone, that would in fact help us (which it does not outline anywhere in the prophecy), we have no way of knowing where it is or how to unlock its supposed power once we do find it. This is what I pleaded when the elders sent us, and what caused them to question my loyalty.
I am skeptical of the stone at best, and am therefore ‘looking’ for it during my travels. My brothers and sisters have a much more passionate commitment to finding the stone and it holding the key to our salvation, they are far more likely to find it than me. What I’m actually interested in finding is 1: clues as to what is happening with the infertility crisis (is it happening to other races or other areas? Has there been some kind of shift in one of the planes or other worlds that is having this adverse effect on us?) and 2: Yuan-ti. They are looking for the stone and would use the power of the elements it contains, nature’s very essence, to aid them in their unnatural, reptilian, evil, vulgar ways. I may be less then dedicated in my belief of the stone but I damn well will not have any Yuan-ti abominations wrapping their scaly coils around it and stealing my race’s possible salvation as a toy for themselves.
I will let the other killoren scour, search, take the aspect of the ancient, and find the stone, as is their strength. I, however, will keep the Yuan-ti at bay, for there is no vague prophecy about their interest. They are searching. The conviction and dedication I should have for the Anturi stone, I harbor for keeping the Yuan-ti from getting it.”


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