Flux Moire

Game 1

Flux Moire – Game 1




Vessel 12

Fated paths are unknown, to most. Occasionally these paths become trails that others may follow. Other times paths become thoroughfares or even King’s roads. What is certain is that all of fate’s paths lead to death. The path of The Ten has reached a crossroads, that is, all of their individual paths have crossed. It is still uncertain whether their paths will lead to a clearing, or a dead end.

To a soul, each of the ten followed their wits, advice or fear and arrived at the sunset city, in Flux. A few have lived in the eternal city for a century or more. Others are newcomers who walked countless miles and needed a place to rest, hide or find work. Once, the ten found each other a quick nod turned into an understanding and soon to a bond that will soon be strengthened with battle and blood.

Personal errands attended to, [[the ten[[ find their way to the original untouched rock center of the city, the Hub. The center of the city where all roads converge is where many have come to witness the execution of the vile and despised Profanimancer Sebassis. With no better place to be the Ten decide to watch this day’s festivity that will conclude with the ending of a life. What better way to spend an afternoon? Eh?

While pushing their way to the front of the mob, the ten distinguish the Kanzler of the Diet, Blythe ride by with his retinue. It was overheard that he would be standing next to Maja’s side. It is still unknown who Maja is…

Sabassis was delivered unto the masses among silence and a few brave tomatoes. Most hands and mouths were stayed by fear and the unknown. As his final words he was noted as saying “Death is my lover, my friend, but never the blade at my throat. So carry out your justice. I shall carry out mine. Farewell, Kanzler. Farewell, Flux. May the Deeper Darkness take all of you.”

The Inevitable blow of the executioner’s axe broke the silence of the crowd. The sky immediately darkened as a quick and violent earthquake seemed to drop the Hub down the depth of a grave. Even the sturdiest of sea legs were shaken not only to the violent shake, but to the horrors that followed: The Square was shrouded in a dome of energy where there was no escape except to fight the monsters that attacked. Ten RuneHounds summoned from seemingly nowhere darted in and charged strait for the Kanzler. A Large creature with a bright Gem for an eye was chained to a summoner with similar sight started to attack the innocent with abandon. the Hub was turning into an arena of death. The Ten joined the Fray and helped the Sheriff, Gauss fight off the aggressors, starting with the huge Demon and chained summoner. They seemed uninterested in fighting, and continued on with their harvesting. The Runehounds rushed over towards the Kanzler, Blythe, whose retinue was quickly dispatched. Clutching a crossbow with the tenacity and aptitude of a child playing with his father’s weapons when he was out, Blythe desperately sought refuge in the closest building possible, essentially bear-baiting himself into a corner. If it wasn’t for The Ten and the fiery breath of the Samurai Tatsu, is the Kanzler still among the living. Once the fray was well breached it was noticed that Sebassis’ headless corpse was regenerating at an alarming rate. The Ten, seeing that the executioner was frozen in fear took action. Aram summoned some mystical grease above the legendary Profanimancer. Miraculously Sebassis fell off of the platform onto the rock below. From there he was put out of commission by Peanut (Driroth), and dispatched by Vessel 12 using Ariel, with permission from the Sheriff Gauss of course.

The scene shifted back to what it looked like before the battle. The whole area dropped down a plane and everyone outside of the Hub didn’t know the difference. Except when the area popped back into reality and there were over seventy corpses strewn about the Square.

The Kanzler showed his gratitude by leaving and the party was left to clean up the politics with the Sheriff. Orb relieved the executioner of his axe, for he was not longer worthy of the weapon. The Sheriff told him to keep it, when he tried to hand it over.

The Ten once again nodded at each other their bond now sealed with only the way fighting side by side can. Bloodied but alive, the Ten was now deeply entrenched within a mystery and fated path that they willingly walk.


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