“You think you’re safe here? Free from prying eyes? How was your breakfast of salt pork and fried potatoes? You know, the one you ate four days ago. On that table. You were wearing blue, I believe.”


Full Name: Ahrimell of the Beacon
Race: Kobold
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Title: None
Occupation: Unknown


A highly paranoid, inquisitive, rude little kobold possessed of surprising intelligence and shrewdness, especially considering his oft-maligned race.

Ahrimell is tiny, barely above two feet tall, with a thin spindling body swathed in voluminous, spectacularly clean wizard’s robes. He is almost always seen holding a gnarled staff with a lantern on top, if he is seen at all. Which is rarely, and only when he deems it so.


Unknown, though the few people that know of him know only this: he is strange, bright, evasive, and lives in a place called the “Sunken Abby”. Many believe the Abby to be nothing more than a sewer with a fancy name, if it exists at all.

Story So Far . . .

Sheriff Gauss, the real one, brought Ahrimell to Aram’s shop while informing the Ten of his departure. He introduced Ahrimell so that they would know how to contact Reech and Zarina, or to find safehaven if the need arose.

Ahrimell, reluctantly, provided them with a dubious feather talisman that could lead them to the Sunken Abby, should they require its unique safety . . .


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