“I really don’t see how that’s my problem at all. Now would you please step back, you’re blocking my reading light.”


Full Name: Aram Corvalis
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Apparent Age: 35-40

Class: Wizard
Level: 5


This human wizard seems wrapped up in his own thoughts, and unobservant of the world around him. His features are fairly indistinct, and he could easily blend into the crowd if it wasn’t for the intricate pattern tattooed upon the left side of his face.

The consummate mage, he is never seen without his staff and frequently dons a brightly colored set of robes, with little on underneath.


Aram was born on an distant world, the son of Nikodemus Corvalis and an unknown woman. Shortly after his birth, Nikodemus stole Aram from his mother, and fled to Flux.



Aram’s childhood was rough, and consisted of rigorous magical training from a stern father. By the age of 12, Aram was registered to the Asylum as an apprentice caster, and by 16 he was a full member of the order.

At the age of 20, Nikodemus was beginning to burn out. The style of magic that the Corvalis family practices takes a tremendous toll on the body and mind. Aram could see the withering of his once strong father. By the time Aram reached 27, his father was completely burned out. He currently resides in Flux, a shell of a man, cared for by a nurse named Syrah.


In his early twenties, Aram gained the companionship of a worg by the name of Barnabas. While traveling through the forest, Aram came upon a goblin hunting party. The party had captured a worg in their nets. Aram watched as they tortured the creature, and could see that they intended to kill and eat the worg. It seemed like injustice for a magical being to be eaten by such loathsome pests. Aram slaughtered the goblin camp with dark demonic magic and freed the worg. The Barnabas swore a life debt to Aram and bonded with him as his familiar. They have been together ever since.

In addition to serving as a familiar, Barnabas offers knowledge of his own travels, and has recently been teaching Aram the goblin language.


Aram’s taste in magic started in conjuration and fire, but quickly turned down darker paths. Like his father, Aram’s brand of magic is destructive, both to himself, and others. He works to minimize these destructive forces, but it is an uphill battle.

His current studying has him dabbling in necromancy, and with the acquisition of the Bells of the Necromancer, Aram is working to perfect his skills with the undead. He is a fickle student, however, and could easily shift his focus should another subject spark his interest.

Story So Far . . .

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