The Asylum


The arcanist’s guild of Flux, a semi-voluntary organization for wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, and all who devote themselves fully to the arcane arts.


The Asylum is only for full-fledge spellcasters; the Asylum takes no interest in apprentices and students. Students usually fall to the attention of singular masters or the schools of Tier Universus.

The guild offers protection for its members, legal representation and counsel should a crime occur, libraries, alchemist laboratories, tools for independent research, summoning circles, and even advanced magical instruction.

All for a small guild fee, and a contract detailing the guild member’s responsibilities. Once a month, the Asylum may task a guild member with a job or duty they must fulfill. This task must match the power level and means of the guild member in question. Guild members are also supposed to aid the fellow guild members in danger, though this rule occasionally falls by the wayside.


Applicant – Temporary member, under close observation
Member – Full-fledged member, with all benefit and responsibility
Recruiter – Field Agent, responsible for shooting or recruiting arcanists
Specialist – Librarian, Alchemist, Summoner, Crafter, etc. Work in the Asylum
Magister – Master wizards, specialized in combat. The Asylum’s shock troops and police
Adept-Master – Benefits increase with responsibility
Triumvirate – The tripartate executive positions of the Asylum


The Asylum itself resides in Tier Universus, and is a massive structure made of lightly incandescent blue stone veined with luminous indigo runes. Two towers thrust out of the base, one on each side of Maturin Street. A bridge arcs over the street between the towers, and features a circular observatory-like structure in the center, positioned directly above the street.

Notable Members

Kozier – 1st of the Triumvirate, Male Elf, Master Abjurer
Riah – 2nd of the Triumvirate, Female Sidhe, Master Enchantrix
Mangus – 3rd of the Triumvirate, Male Human, Master Invoker

Standard Members

Wizards (65%), Sorcerers (20%), Warlocks/Witches (10%), Other Casters (3%), Non-magic types (2%)


The Asylum was founded eight-millenia ago, by a trio of powerful spellcasters. Much about them is lost, save their names: Dalamyr Dark, Deacon Gage, and “The Willow.” The three established much of the Asylum’s current policy, including the three-part rulership of the Triumvirate. The Willow even crafted the Asylum towers from pure sorcery, drawing it whole and complete from the bones of the earth.

Story So Far . . .

Two of the Ten are members of the Asylum: the battle-sorcerer Kaylan Deathwin and the wizard Aram.


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