Located to the west of the Greenbelt, near the bay, it is the temporary and sometimes permanent berth for the most expensive vessels, the wealthiest captains, and the renowned well-to-do merchants. It is the home of the finest restaurants, hotels, casinos, and entertainment in Flux. Drawing both the traveling upper class and the Fluxian high society, it is where the deals that make and break business occur. Anyone with enough gold and enough power can buy anything in Bayside, served on a platter by a beautiful servant.

The strict law of Flux becomes more mutable in Bayside, and its flexibility is directly proportional to the amount of gold in your purse.

Notable Locations

Silver Teacup – An in-door carnival type business, where you can play games, bet on strange races, see odd creatures and shows, and the like.
Inordinate Myriad – A pretentious foreign art exhibit full of odd or incomprehensible art pieces, ostensibly from exotic locales.
Illumine – The largest casino/hotel in Bayside, and the most beautiful, oft-visited site of the well to do. Owned by Zevin Urthe, wealthy gray-elven socialite and philanthropist.
The Black Spiral – An enormous fifty-story pillar of twisted black obsidian, it is one of the tallest buildings in Flux. The second-most prominent hotel/casino in Bayside, owned and constructed by The Merchant King and his Black Iron Trading company.

Prominent Citizens

Zevin Urthe – Lives in the Illumine. The second wealthiest citizen in Flux, but owns the most prosperous hotel/casino.

Typical Residents

Traveling nobles, upper-class Captains, high-end escorts, naval officers, tourists, con-men,


As Flux is the center of the Moire, and the capitol as well, it has ever been a rich trading port. However, it wasn’t until Alazan Urthe, a genius gray-elven merchant and engineer, built the Illumine that the area of Bayside began to really prosper. With his invention of the idea of a massive gambling house called a “casino”, and the building of an enormous inn on top of it, Bayside exploded with foreign wealth. It would soon attract imitators, but the demand was such that each hotel/casino built would essentially become a mint.

Story So Far . . .

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