The Kanzler

“Ah, yes, the chaps that . . . assisted me. Send them a nice gift basket, won’t you?”


Full Name: Orgoron Blythe
Race: Githzerai
Gender: Male
Age: 321
Apparent Age: 40

Title: Kanzler of the Diet
Occupation: Head of the Diet, and the highest ambassador in the Moire.


A tall, thin, and ostentatiously dressed humanoid with yellow skin, a small noise, and hair the color of night. Often seen with a cadre of bodyguards, Blythe exudes both callousness and staunch nobility from his elongated face and poised manner.

The Supreme Head of the Diet, The Kanzler is in theory the most politically powerful being in the Moire. The Diet is the group of ambassadors of each nation surrounding Flux, tasked with keeping peace and solving disputes between the fractious City-States. Blythe is famous for his ingratitude, his incredible wealth, and the friends and fiends who owe him enormous favors.


Hailing originally from Zorshun Vale, the githzerai-dominated City-State far to the north of Flux, Blythe reportedly rose from humble beginning as an orphan street urchin and admitted petty thief. He gained some notoriety when he saved a low-level governmental official from a mugging (and possible alleyway murder), and began his life in government as an an aides-de-camp of sorts for the political elite who wanted on eye on the darkside of urban life.

Blythe eventually gained official elected positions, moving up the ranks of politics, cleaning up streets and turning a light on the darkest parts of Zorshun Vale.

After a hundred years of machinations, he was finally elected as an Ambassador of the Diet, and a hundred years of dogged determination after that, he was elected Kanzler. He has since proven himself to be an effective leader, a masterful politician, and an erudite speaker.

Story So Far . . .

First encountered at the execution of Sebassis, The Kanzler appeared to be one of the direct targets of assassination. Due to to the intervention of the party, and Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu especially, the Kanzler survived the battle. He even sent an emissary the following morning to offer the party a job . . .


The Kanzler and The Prince despise each other, and have tried to maneuver each other onto an assassin’s blade on more than one occasion . . .

The Kanzler’s harsh opinion of Flux is a smoke-screen to avoid the implication back home that he is not fully loyal to Zorshun Vale . . .

The Kanzler plans to conquer the region, and has been scheming to topple the City-States . . .

The Kanzler is a weakling and a coward, and will do anything to save his own hide . . .


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