The center of Flux, the ring of commercial buildings orbiting The Hub. It is home to most of the middle-class establishments, and most of the buildings are of simple construct and wares. Other than Bayside or The Slips, it features the most travelers to Flux. It certainly houses the most adventurers and newcomers to the city.

Notable Locations

Blade and Bow – Middle of the road weapons, owned by a half-elf
Comfort Inn – Two-story, cheap, dirty hotel
The Drunken Boat – A popular tavern, owned by a Kenku
The Folded Steel – An armorsmithy with standard armor, owned by a human
Midgard Hall – A temple to the Norse deities
Merchant’s Paradise – An eight-story, mid-priced hotel owned by Vulthoom
Silver Beaker – An alchemy shop, mid-priced, owned by a group of blue goblins
Tallfellow Inn – Mid-priced, highly vibrant and lively hotel, owned by a halfing
Temple of Oerth – A block of churches to the gods of Oerth
Zahriman’s – A five-story hotel in the Al-Qadimian style

Prominent Citizens


Typical Residents

Adventurers, newcomers, merchants, thieves, con men, muggers, evangelists


As old as the city, home to those who’ve just hit the bottom of the multi-verse

Story So Far . . .

Briefly visited on the Ten’s journeys in and out of The Hub . . .


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