“Seven Wardens and ten Sentries came to arrest Sebassis. Only I walked away, that damned monster in chains behind me.”


Full Name: Chamber
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 30

Title: Warden of the Felwatch
Occupation: Professional demon-hunter


A tall, thin man with long blonde hair. A jagged scar crosses down his forehead, through his left temple, and down to his jawline. He dresses oddly, almost alien, with a long hide coat, strange tunic, and blue denim pants. A pair of wide blades sit in holsters across his chest, bayonets for the strange curving iron wands slung low on his thighs.

He appears to be a no-nonsense type, a hard worker, and extremely deadly with his pair of elementally-charged wands.


Not much is known about the Warden, but he appears to be from an extremely distant world.

Story So Far . . .

Encountered in one of the Sheriff’s precincts, Chamber was the Warden originally responsible for bringing the Profanimancer Sebassis to justice. He aided in the investigation to locate Sebassis’ base of operations.


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