The Prince

“Do you know what my duty is? I am but a suture in the gaping wound, a measure. I have no power to repair, only to prevent things from becoming worse.”


Full Name: “Denari” Denarithimalarasq
Race: Emerald Dragon – Appears as an Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 20-28 (in Elf form)

Title: Prince of Flux
Occupation: The supreme ruler of the City-State of Tzui Pen, responsible for writing laws, protecting the city, and enforcing the Charter.


Opinions on the Prince vary dramatically:

Disapprove: Some see him as a distant but cruel tyrant, unconcerned with anything but the meting out of harsh punishments to criminals and his never-ending petty political squabbles with the Diet, when he happens to care about the city at all.

Approve: More see him as a firm but fair leader whose concern with law and order stems from the dangerous nature of the city, and that his enmity toward the Diet is because of their pervasive, corrupt nature.

Love him or hate him, though, none deny he is the most powerful being in the city, both personally and politically, and those that trifle with him do so at their incredible peril.


Actual facts about the Prince himself are few, but there is a bevy of public records about what he’s achieved during his tenure. Denali has been Prince of Flux for three-thousand seven-hundred and nineteen years, a record for the position.

Flux has faced over three-hundred full-scale wars in that time, and has never been defeated on his watch. He’s brokered peace with numerous fractious city-states. He’s also kept the guilds, organizations, clans, and unions in the city of Flux from devouring each other, and the city, in their clandestine and constant battles.

He is also responsible for the stiff law and swift justice system. Though the Sheriff operates independently of the Prince, as is the law, the Prince is the one who writes the laws of the city that the Sheriff must enforce. There are only three real punishments for crime in the city: stiff fines for minor infractions, slavery for moderate offenses, and death for major crimes.

The Prince has also expanded the scholarly base of the city by leaps and bounds: when the Prince first took office, there were no formal educational institutions in the city, and no public libraries. Now, there are countless mundane public schools, at least four different universities, a Grand Library, and an extensive sage/scholar presence that didn’t exist before his campaign to spread knowledge began.


The Prince lives in the Palace, which is a gigantic mansion/fortress filled with the finest art pieces from across the planes. He attends most matter of state in his palace, and is also known to throw lavish parties from time to time. His personal library is extensive, have gleaned it’s contents over his massive lifetime.

Story So Far . . .

The Prince has not yet been encountered . . .


The Prince is actually a Dracolich disguising himself as a living dragon.

The Prince doesn’t really care about the city, and is after an ancient artifact rumored to be hidden beneath it.

The Prince opposes the Diet because he plans on conquering the region.

The Prince actually works closely with the Diet, and as part of a huge conspiracy, feigns hatred.

The Prince often walks the city polymorphed as a beggar or a sentry or a waitress, and uses what he hears in that state to punish enemies and naysayers.

The Prince’s persona is a title/disguise that countless people have taken on in the three-thousand+ years since he’s been in office.


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