The ruling body of The Prime, a collection of Ambassadors from all the City-States surrounding Flux.

The Diet’s primary purpose is to give equal voice to each and every City-State, and mostly to prevent war. The cities are fractious and in often violent opposition because of fear, racism, and extreme paranoia and xenophobia.


Each City-State elects or appoints a Diet Ambassador in a way befitting their governments. The Ambassadors then move to Flux, the capitol of the Prime, where they speak and vote for their people back home. They often answer directly to the sovereign of their respective homelands.

Membership provides a number of benefits, including political power and sway. One of the more prominent ancillary benefits is almost complete diplomatic immunity. Diet Ambassadors may break all but the egregious laws with impugnity. Those that do commit the most taboo crimes are simply exiled from Flux and asked to make their votes in absentia.


Junior Member – Less than ten years service
Senior Member – Over ten years service
Committee Member – Must be elected by fellow committee members
Committee Chairman – Appointed by the Kanzler
Vice-Kanzler – When the Kanzler election is finished, the runner-up for Kanzler becomes Vice-Kanzler
Kanzler – Elected by the Diet ambassadors


The Spire Aurora, or often simply “Aurora.” A thin needle emerges from the streets of North-Western Flux, crafted of steel and set with scintillating glass at angles meant to maximize the glitter of sunlight off its surface. At the top of the murderously slender tower is a flattened-out sphere shape made of steel and glass. It is in the flattened sphere that the Diet work and deliberate.

Notable Members

Blythe – The current Kanzler, a Male Githzerai from Zorshun Vale
Travers – A senior ambassador from Sirilon, an all-human city-state
El-Viddenvelp – Senior ambassador, Male Illithid, from Erelhei
Syllania – Senior Ambassador, Female High-Elf princess, Committee Chairman of Natural Works
The Duke of Lies – Male Baatezu devil, senior ambassador of Korkoroth


The Diet is a fairly recent contrivance, as such things are measured, having been founded a mere one-thousand-and-eighty-six years ago.

It was born just after the Rending of the Prime, an enormous war between the city-states that culminated in the total destruction of the city-state Quell-Zora by the Prince of Flux himself. With a quarter of the Prime population killed in the terrible conflict, the remaining city-state sovereigns gathered together to prevent such a tragedy in the future. At that summit, called the Treaty of Quell-Zora, the sovereigns created the charter for the Diet. The Prince of Flux, Denali, agreed on the condition that the city of Flux house the Diet in it’s entirety.


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