Fiend's Highway



A twisted labyrinth beneath the city, a combination of the sewer system, a decrepit series of lightning rail tubes, and ancient catacombs. They are used primarily by the darkdwellers, the collective name for those who despise the sunlight. A master traveler, familiar with the systems, can go anywhere in the city. That is, provided they can avoid getting devoured by the foul denizens of the highway, or wandering forever in the black depths until hunger, thirst, or despair takes them.

If one can traverse the Fiends’ Highway, they can visit the Old City, enormous subterranean ruins rumored to be filled with treasure and danger in equal proportions . . .

Notable Locations

The Place – The rumored home of the Men-About-Town, the Fluxian thieves guild
Fallen Gate – The entrance to the Old City, a location heavily protected by the Relicurs and thieves who scavenge the ruins
Exham – A ruined church, desolate, rumored to contain a black altar to fell powers and a portal to summon them forth
Nezzla’Kha – A secret portal to the subterranean underdark city of Ched’Nasad

Prominent Citizens

Man-Who-Walks – If the rumors of The Place’s location are true, than the fabled master of the thieves guild is likely the most notable character

Typical Residents

Very few live in the Fiend’s Highway, but those that walk it frequently include vampires, thieves, demons, goblinoid races, drow, and any and all who despise the sunlight.


The Fiend’s Highway is older than the city itself, sitting atop the ruins of an even more primordial metropolis. It is the sum of the current sewer system, an even older defunct sewer system, disused and broken lightning rail tunnels, and once holy catacombs filled with the dust of eons of the dead.

It can access all parts of the city, and is the only access to Old City.

Story So Far . . .

The Ten briefly traveled through the Fiend’s Highway to reach the Greenbelt, owing the trip to their vampiric compatriot Barnum. They encountered naught but foul smells, whispering voices, and darkness.

Fiend's Highway

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