The Sheriff

“The world is a balance, you see. There must be Anger, and there must be Violence, and there must be War. But never without Law, and never without Mercy.”


Full Name: Gauss Bel’Thystryx
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Age: 251
Apparent Age: 30-35

Title: High Sheriff of Flux
Occupation: The head of law enforcement in the city, tasked with enforcing the Prince’s laws and meting out crime and punishment.


A thin, lithe, handsome man with black skin and short spiked hair the color of snow. On duty, he is seen with a fine black chainmail shirt, a simple tunic, and loose-fitting pants with soft-soled boots. At his side, the only weapon he seems to possess: an unadorned silver quarterstaff, nickname the Staff of Office, a powerful magical weapon capable of changing composition to fit the needs of the situation.

The Sheriff is widely believed to be a fair man with a cool head. His lack of temper is legendary.

Dislike: Those who dislike the Sheriff include criminals, free spirits and extremely lawful people alike, and strong nationalists. The free spirits call him a thug and a bully, while the extremely lawful set believe he is not harsh enough on criminals. The nationalists don’t like the idea of an outsider being given such power over them. Another subset also detest him for his race: even in a diverse place like Flux, very few trust a dark elf.

Like: Those who approve of the Sheriff cite his even temper and fair hand in dealing with criminals. He is known to be harsh on violent criminals and lenient on hard-luck cases. Most of the Sentries (the city guardsmen) respect and like the Sheriff, and he is said to be a friendly if distant man.


Originally from Erelhei, a city on the edge of the Prime, Gauss was voted by the Diet to become Sheriff six years ago. His term extends for another forty-four years unless he dies, is voted incompetent by both the Prince and the Diet, or steps down.

As the ultimate law of Flux, the Sheriff is granted certain powers that allow him to circumvent the court system, if need be. He has the power to execute a criminal on the spot, a power he has used only on a handful of occasions since he’s been in office. The Sheriff also has the ability to pardon criminals or to shorten their slavery sentences, a power Gauss has used on multiple occasions in hard-luck type cases.

Crime has lowered slightly since his promotion, but he hasn’t been Sheriff long enough to be sure if he had anything to do with it. Still, in the short time of his tenure he has become famous for his martial prowess and unique weapon. He has personally defeated a number of significant threats to the city’s peace.

Story So Far . . .

Encountered during the Execution of Sebassis, he is one of the few to survive the massacre. He even battled the larger of the demons single-handedly for a time, displaying both incredible agility and martial ability.

He asked the party for their help in investigating Sebassis’ escape attempt, and offered them the services of the Felwatch to do so.


The Sheriff is a puppet of the Diet, and has the Sentries pick up anarchists and vocal nationalists.

The Sheriff is soft-hearted, and often frees even violent criminals from jail and slavery.

The Sheriff is a drow spy. The Asylum once tried to assassinate him, but failed.

The Sheriff and the Shogun are having a secret affair.

The Sheriff worships the Spider-Goddess of the Demonweb pits, and is using executions as sacrifices to his dread deity.

The Sheriff and the Prince hate each other, and each is plotting to assassinate the other.


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