“Let the Prince spin his webs, the Shogun swing her little spear, and the Sheriff take care of the pickpockets. When Flux truly needs its guardians, the Asylum will stand ready.”


Full Name: Alan Kozier
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 45-55

Title: Primus, 1st of the Triumvirate
Occupation: Head of the the arcanists’ guild, the Asylum


A human male of solid build and athletic shape, Kozier appears to be in his late forties. His hair and goatee are well kept in a simple, military style, black with salt-and-pepper gray and twin patches of gray hair around his temples.

Kozier himself is often described as a simple but fair man, whose distaste for political maneuvering is legendary. Many have tried to sway the archmage to one faction or another, but Kozier stands firm and resolute that his first obligation is to the Art, and his second to the arcanists in the Asylum. He is rarely to be found at the parties and gatherings of the elite, and more often to be found elbow-deep in mystical research in his lonely tower above the Asylum.


Kozier has been the Primus of the Asylum for sixty years, and has been lauded in that position as a fair man with an even temper.

No one knows from where Alan Kozier originally hailed, but he has been a member of the Asylum of Flux for a hundred years. He rose quickly through the ranks, and operated for some time as the master of the Magisters, the enforcer-arm of the arcanists. A natural abjurer, Kozier became famous for solving disputes, fights, and even wars with well-placed words or a well-place shield.

Eventually he rose to the Triumvirate, and finally to Primus when the previous Primus, Gaultier Odimm disappeared suddenly and irrevocably. Many believed that Kozier had slain the ancient sorcerer, but a formal investigation cleared Kozier of any wrong doing. The old sorcerer had simply vanished, as sorcerers are wont to do, and not even the finest Seers and Clerics could discover his location or status.

Kozier lives in the Asylum, and can often be found there when he is not “out on walk” in distant planes.

Story So Far . . .

Kozier appeared alongside Mangus and Riah, the other members of the Triumvirate, to stop the assault on Onavon by a dread Retriever. Though they appeared too late to stop the Retriever from cresting the tower, and it was instead the Ten who held that honor.

Once the Retriever fell from the tower and began to rapidly regenerate, the Triumvirate of the Asylum stepped in to finish it once and for all. Kozier was responsible for both walling off the immediate vicinity to contain the Retriever, and for finally banishing it back to its home dimension with a snap of his fingers. With that, Kozier gave a single nod and stepped back into his blue door before disappearing altogether.


Kozier possesses an amulet that grants him immortality, an amulet containing the tiny dessicated heart of an unborn babe.

Kozier assassinated the previous Shogun Tybalt Forsyne through fell magic. The two famously despised one another.

Kozier runs the city in truth, while the Prince and the Diet are figureheads.

Kozier is the most powerful wizard in the Prime, and possibly beyond.


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