The middle-class and upper-middle class neighborhood situated around the shores of Lake Nyx, the largest lake in Flux.

Notable Locations

The Bloody Good Time – Rowdy middle-class neighborhood bar, right on the water
Brew – A reagent shop, owned by a half-drow elf witch
Church of the Triad – Temple to the Licadian gods of Joy, Sorrow, and Anger
Dyne of Roon – A large church to Roon, the Nishran god of individuality, strength, and knowledge
Lake Nyx – Largest body of water in Flux
Tower of High Sorcery – A crumbling, haunted ruin of a black tower, surrounded by a deadly grove of undead-guarded trees

Prominent Citizens


Typical Residents

Craftsman, Merchants, Skilled Laborers, Teachers, Sages, Priests


As long as there have been skilled craftsman, they have gathered around Lake Nyx and made it their home.

Story So Far . . .

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