“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.”


Full Name: Mangus ett Morali
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Apparent Age: 40-50

Title: Terza – 3rd of the Triumvirate
Occupation: Head of the the arcanists’ guild, the Asylum


A plain, severe-looking man with with flaming red hair and well-trimmed scarlet beard. He dresses at all times in strange garb and otherworldy fashions, though they seem to be of finest cut and quality. Most times he favors a long gray overcoat and red formal attire beneath. Occasionally he dons a wide-brimmed gray hat to match the coat, which is sometimes bedecked with an enormous red plume.

He is never seen without two objects: a skull-headed walking stick, and an ornate silver rapier. When he is seen brawling (an oddly frequent occurrence for a man of his position), he is known to wield both weapons in tandem to incredible effect.

Mangus is often described as a man of opposites: one moment he is a good natured joker, the next a brooding malcontent, and than without warning a violent and angry man. Whatever mood or persona he has adopted in the moment, he is never rumored to be boring.


Little is known of the history of Mangus ett Morali, though his odd clothing, strange manner, and penchant for startling insights have lead many to believe that Mangus is a timestreamer – a magician with the rare and dangerous ability to travel through time itself.

Mangus arrived in Flux ten years ago, and rocketed to the top tier of the Asylum at a startling pace. His meteoric rise and promotion over more senior arcanists has made him few friends, but none can argue with his power. Among the sorcerers and wizards of Flux, none can match Mangus’ facility with evocation and battle magic. This fact has been proven time again by not only his hot-headed duels but also on the occasions he has come out to defend the city against some great threat.

Story So Far . . .

Mangus appeared alongside Kozier and Riah, the other members of the Triumvirate of the Asylum, to end the assault on Onavon by a dread Retriever. They appeared too late to stop the Retriever from cresting the tower, and it was instead the Ten who held that honor.

Once the great construct had fallen and begun to regenerate, Mangus ett Morali and the others stepped out of three doors of purest blue energy and went to work against the beast. Mangus turned his formidable powers on the Retriever, tearing it apart with a symphony of flying, circling swords and blasts of burning elderfire.

Rended apart, plates melting, unable to stand or move, Kozier finally banished the being to its distant home. Mangus, without word or glance at the gathered crowd, returned to his door and disappeared . . .


Mangus was once the apprentice of Deacon Gage, one of the original founders of the Asylum in the ancient past.

Mangus is from Flux’s future, and has appeared in this time to avert some great disaster.

Mangus is from Flux’s future, and has appeared in this time to cause some great disaster.

Mangus is possessed by spirits of the dead, an explanation for his tidal mood swings.

Mangus travels time and space, and hails from a truly distant locale.

Mangus practices magic unknown to all those in the Prime, a unique form of sorcery that cannot be replicated or undone.


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