“All are welcome in my place, but if you start trouble, boy, I finish trouble. Got dat?”


Full Name: Midnite (Unknown)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 30-35

Title: None
Occupation: Owner and host of the Fallen Star


A black human male of average height and weight, he is often seen wearing pinstripe suits in shades of purple or red. His close-cropped hair is dyed the color of ivory, and is marred by a long scar that starts at his temple and slices across his hair. Midnite wears a set of square wireframe spectacles that serve to accentuate his sharp eyes.

Midnite is a gregarious fellow, and has taken an oath of neutrality that extends to his bar. He’d much rather relax and enjoy a pint than have to settle squabbles between folks, and Midnite has developed a goodly amount of allies on both sides of the fence as a patron of peace.


Little is known of Midnite, only that his father – known as Papa Midnite – established the Fallen Star in Flux decades ago. After his father died, Midnite took over the running of the place, and is well known for having every ounce of power and dedication to his cause that his father did.

Story So Far . . .

The Ten encountered Midnite at the Fallen Star, while searching for the imp named Druzil. They found Druzil drinking with Midnite, who was happy for the patronage but weary of their antagonism toward the little devil.

After knocking Druzil into a stupor with alcohol, Midnite allowed the Ten to take him custody, an almost-unheard of activity inside of the Fallen Star. Midnite claimed that in order for him to uphold neutrality, the best path would be to allow the Ten brief access to Sebassis’s familiar. The terms of the arrangement stated that the Ten would have to return Druzil within twenty-four hours, alive, with his memory of the intervening time completely erased.

When the Ten left his establishment, and were confronted by the Sheriff, Midnite stayed out on the veranda to watch the battle.

Midnite was last seen on that veranda, as Mazyx and Aram flew away from Elberine Beach.


Midnite is not only immortal, but invulnerable.

Midnite is the avatar of a trickster god.

Midnite is a spoiled child, enjoying the fruits of his father’s labor.

Midnite used to be a student at the Asylum, but left when his father died.

Midnite is in actuality another form of the Prince, and he uses that guise to monitor the truly powerful people that come through Flux.


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