Okita Kagekatsu


“Where are we? We are here, of course.”


Full Name: Okita Kagekatsu
Race: Wild-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 999
Apparent Age: 35-40

Title: The Tempest
Occupation: Wandering Warrior


Fabled Samurai, Okita Kagekatsu is world-renowned for both his fighting skills and sage wisdom.

Most paintings and tapestries depict Okita as a thin but powerfully-built elven man with a banner of bright red hair. Seldom seen wearing armor, it is fabled that blades cringed away from his flesh for fear of his retribution. He is always seen, however, with an ornate green-and-gold katana known by a hundred names.


The most famous son of the Isle of Tsukushi, a land known for its fearsome warriors, Okita is a legend among legends. An ancient elf, Okita led a storied, mythic career. Much is lost to time and exaggeration, but he is famous primarily for his sword, the Arashi-Shichi, The Seven Storms, The Sword of Kagekatsu, the Rage-In-Winter. The rumors say it can split a diamond, that its hungry blade can cut the wind from the air, and that it seeks the worthiest warrior in the land. The story of Okita’s death is lost to time, but the Sword of Kagekatsu has disappeared only recently.

Story So Far . . .

He has been lately encountered in a dream by Tatsu Kagekatsu, reminding him of both his power, and his failures.


Okita Kagekatsu is not dead, for while even a single warrior stands with a blade in his hand, Okita lives.

Okita Kagekatsu is a centuries-old exaggeration by a failed warrior who spent more time on boasting and drinking than fighting.

Okita Kagekatsu’s killer was cursed by the gods for his crime, and is doomed to walk the Earth, forever alone with his cowardice.

Okita Kagekatsu

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