“Gold is so very heavy. Let’s do these people a service and lighten the burden.”


Full Name: Pocket
Race: Elfling (Half-elf, Half-halfling)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 15-20

Title: None
Occupation: Thief, Con-Man, Liar, Juggler


A lithe and tiny figure, garbed at all times in a patchwork cloak. He possesses a youthful face and an easy, puckish smile that is both suspect and highly comforting. There are few more stealthy than he, and they say his tread is as silent as moonbeams.

Pocket is friendly, vivacious, and sometimes easily distracted by his own abilities. Or, he makes himself appear that way. Or, a little of both. Or not.


Unknown, but he’s been a resident of Flux for sometime.

Story So Far . . .

The Ten have met Pocket on two occasions. The first time was deep in the Greenbelt, far into the yuan’ti jungle beneath the portal to Sebassis’ ship, the Osirin. The little thief appeared without warning, inquiring about the whereabouts and condition of Barnum, a guide in their employ. After being informed that Barnum had been turned into a vampire and disappeared, Pocket melted away into the jungle . . .

The second time, Pocket was in the company of Flazen, a mercury golem from the Statuary. Pocket claimed to have recovered an injured construct within the city walls, and gave it to the Statuary for a nominal finger’s fee. To protect his investment, Pocket formed a temporary partnership with the Statuary to safeguard the construct and bring it back to health.

During the Graystone Incident that followed, Pocket observed the restoration of the Construct from relative safety inside the inner sanctum of the building. However, when the spider-like construct of devastating power was released from an icy block not far away, it burst through the sanctum and began obliterating everything in sight without distinction of friend or foe.

Pocket looked up at the beast, shook his head with an alarmed, wry chuckle and stepped into the shadows, disappearing from the scene in a matter of moments . . .


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