“Bastards locked me up in a cage, told me they’d kill my wife if I resisted. Color me happy as a clam to stomp on their dead throats.”


Full Name: Reech Valerum
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 150
Apparent Age: 28

Title: Member of the Black Iron Trading Company
Occupation: Merchant


A fairly young dwarf, dressed in functional clothing that is nonetheless fine and expensive. His success as a businessman has lent him a cool, relaxed attitude, and his love for his wife is legendary.


Unknown, only that he is married to Zarina, and runs a successful business under the umbrella of the Black Iron Trading Company.

Story So Far . . .

Reech was kidnapped by Dasqana and used as leverage to blackmail Zarina into giving up sensitive secrets about the Felwatch’s activities.

When the Ten confronted Dasqana and her band, Reech was used as a hostage, a blade to his throat to keep the conversation civil. When Deathwing leaped into action, Dasqana slit his throat and dumped him into a nearby grate.

Reech was only saved by the quick action of Kaylan and Vadania, who not only healed him but traveled with him through the grate, which also served as a portal to a distant location. Reech, along with Vadania and Kaylan, were subjected to mimicry by Dopplegangers, who all escaped with the knowledge of their forms.

Reech was brought back to Flux, along with Vadania and Kaylan, by the true Sheriff Gauss, who had been held captive there.

Reech was last seen in Aram‘s shop, paying the Ten for the aid, and showing great gratitude for saving not only his life but his wife’s as well. The two, along with Ahrimell, headed underground to wait out the dangerous atmosphere in Flux for a time.


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