“Don’t forget the most important rule of magic . . .there are no rules!”


Full Name: Riah Meadowstar
Race: Sidhe
Gender: Female
Age: 870-900
Apparent Age: 20-25

Title: Locum – 2nd of the Triumvirate, Princess of Blacksky
Occupation: Head of the the arcanists’ guild, the Asylum


A slender, vulpine beauty, Riah possesses the ethereal grace and charms of the fey. Her long banner of purple hair flows around her face, being confined only by the elaborate golden crown she wears on her head at all times. This is apropos, as she is the second daughter of the King of the Seelie Court, Fenanmoor Blacksky.

Less serious than most of the Seelie Sidhe, Riah has spent centuries rebelling against her father, and is quite good at it. Still, though she is quick with joke, prank, and a laugh she is known as one of the most deadly practioners of the Art in existence.

She’s had plenty of time to practice, after all.


Other than her time spent traveling (which is frequent), Riah has lived in Flux all of her long life. She was born in the Greenbelt, the second daughter of the Summer King of the Seelie. Her older sister Llewellah Orchid took over the responsibilities required of the princesses of Blacksky, leaving Riah with little to do or accomplish with her life.

Though Riah pursued many interests, her skill in wizardry surpassed all else, and her tutors proclaimed her to be a natural talent. Wizardry is anathema to the fey, who are born with and practice more natural magic, the kind born of talent and blood rather than study and books.

This, naturally, endeared the practice to her even more than it had previously, and she devoted her life to its study. Riah even went so far as to permanently remove herself from the ancient castle of her people in the Greenbelt, and lives instead within the walls of the Asylum.

She rose quickly through the ranks, due in no small part to her charms and her incredible skill. When the previous Locum, Darius Revild was killed by a greater demon he sought to control, Riah was promoted to Terza, 3rd of the Triumvirate. When the previous Primus Gaulthier Odimm disappeared and Kozier ascended, Riah found herself as Locum, the post she currently resides in.

Story So Far . . .

Riah appeared alongside Mangus and Kozier, the other members of the Triumvirate, to end the assault on Onavon by a dread Retriever. They appeared too late to stop the Retriever from cresting the tower, and it was instead the Ten who held that honor.

Once the Retriever had fallen and begun to regenerate, the Triumvirate of the Asylum arrived in three identical blue doors. Riah swept Orb, Vessel 12, Dead Stanley, and the badly injured Vadania out of harm’s way with a gust of telekinetic power as the Triumvirate took on the powerful spidery construct. As Mangus battered away at the beast, Riah summoned an elder elemental from the very rock itself to smash the Retriever with tree-trunk size arms.

When the Retriever was defeated, Riah gave the crowd a smile, a wave, and blown kiss before disappearing back into her blue door . . .


Riah has no spectacular talent for the Art, merely a gift with Charms and a willingness to sell her body for power.

Riah plans to slay her older sister and secure her future as Summer Queen of the Seelie someday.

Riah is in fact Unseelie, a secret she has kept from her father for fear of retribution.

To look in Riah’s eyes is to be instantly enchanted, your soul mastered forever.


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