The industrial district. Filled with foundries, masons, logging, large scale carpentry, blacksmithing, tanning, textile plants, and everything else used to construct. Everything in Sandenslag is powered by the Black Furnace, a contained tear in the Elemental Plane of Fire that uses its heat to evaporate water into steam to turn turbines, axles, and clockwork gears. The cog-axles extend all across Sandenslag, and are used to power any number of industrial machines.

Notable Locations

Black Furnace – A building and engine constructed around an elemental fire tear

Prominent Citizens

Sorvian Dropsmith – Male Halfing, inherited one-part owner of the Black Furnace
Katrina Sera – Female Kagonesti, inherited one-part owner of the Black Furnace
Bertrem Zooki – Male Gnome, inherited one-part owner of the Black Furnace

Typical Residents

Craftsmen, laborers, mechanics, criminals, rust monsters, fire elementals


A tear into the Elemental Plane of Fire appeared five thousand years ago, incinerating much of the district that predates Sandenslag. It remained so, an ever-roaring tempest, for a hundred years before an enterprising and powerful duo decided to do something about it. Two elementalists, one a wild elf with a penchant for flame, and the other a halfling with control of water, began to push the flames back, to contain the tear. When they had finally succeeded, a gnome appeared, offering a final solution – he showed them the schematics for the Black Furnace.

Intrigued, the three set out to construct the thing, to turn catastrophe into boon. They succeeded, and their ancestors are ungodly wealthy from their monopoly on the only infinite power source in Flux.

Story So Far . . .

Not encountered . . .


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