Seven Storms


Name: Arashi-Shichi, The Seven Storms, The Rage-in-Winter, The Sword of Kagekatsu, The Poet’s Lament, The Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven
Type: Weapon – Katana
Bonus: Unknown


A long, masterfully crafted katana made out of one piece of unidentified golden metal. The hilt is wrapped in stiff green leather.

Known Powers

Much of the Seven Storms’ power is rumor or legend, and it has likely been exaggerated over time. Every strength and ability has appeared in the bard’s songs, but most stories agree on its elemental/storm-based abilities, unbreakable blade, and its hunger to right injustice.


Legends of the sword’s origin are as numerous as they are outlandish. Some say the blade was forged in the heat of creation’s fire, out of the first piece of steel created by the gods. Some say the Seven Storms contains within itself the souls of all noble warriors, living a warrior’s paradise of never-ending battle and glory. Still others claim it is a demon-blade, with a thirst for blood that can never be satiated.

Some facts are clear throughout the stories: the blade always finds its way into the hands of the greatest warrior of his or her age, and will cut a bloody swath to get there.

Story So Far . . .

Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu, the Half-Dragon Samurai of the Isle of Tsukushi, once held the blade in his own hands, a birthright which he would someday claim, his Daimyo told him. Events would occur to make that impossible, and the sword itself was stolen from his clan’s home.

It was seen again in a dream/vision Tatsu had, wielded by his ancestor, the mighty samurai Okita Kagekatsu, and was used to tremendous effect to destroy Tatsu’s own blade and cleave his arm from his shoulder. Though the damage was repaired, Tatsu’s thirst for the Seven Storms was but whetted by the encounter . . .

Notable Owners

Yamatoru – Rumored Original Wielder, and fabled Dragonslayer
Elladorin Mane – Elven Warrior Queen of Astrah
Xzachal Oro – Demon Lord, Fabled Warrior
Kimiko Kagekatsu – Wife turned Widow turned Rebellion leader, first Samurai of the Kagekatsu
Okita Kagekatsu – Last Wielder, Legendary Samurai

Seven Storms

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