The Agg


The ring of farmlands around Flux, the true breadbasket of the city. Raising both vegetables, wheat, and cattle, the Agg is extremely important to the city’s survival. Fed by a series of aquaducts and water plumbed from natural aquifers, the Agg flourishes year-round. The farms and ranches are worked almost entirely by Slave-Criminals, who are watched over by a small crew of full-time farmers and city sentries.

Notable Locations

There are a few houses in the Agg, for the families of the true full-time farmers. There are also a number of silos and barns, as well as tool repositories and repair shops.

Prominent Citizens

Quartermaster Gorrin – A sentry, in charge of those guarding the slave-criminals. Male half-orc. Renowned for his harsh, heavy hand.
Eloran Voloros – Male elf, and head of the farmers in the Agg.


The Agg has existed as long as the city, in much the same state it is today. The original founders, in eons past, raised cattle and crop in the same location, due to the harsh shifting wasteland climate of the Prime outside the walls.

Story So Far . . .

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The Agg

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