The Greenbelt



The sylvan refuge for fey and other forest dwellers who find themselves stranded in the urban landscape of Flux. Some lost woodland dwellers brave the wild riftlands outside the city, but few survive that perilous choice. The Greenbelt is actually much larger than it appears. From inside the forest, it is slightly larger than the city itself, and contains practically its own government.

This governing body is known as the Fey Court, and consists of the Seelie and Unseeliecourts. During the seasons of Summer and Spring, the ordered Seelie Court reigns over the Greenbelt. During the Autumn and Winter months, the wild Unseelie Court rules.

The Greenbelt itself is rumored to be a semi-permanent leak into some elemental demiplane.

Notable Locations

Daoine – Fey castle, and seat of Seelie power
Lake of Lies – Center of Unseelie power
Precinct Six – Sole city guard presence in the Greenbelt
Banari Umbra – the Deep Grove, home of foul twisted fairy folk and demons
Crevasse Stygius – An seemingly unending trench, linked to a myriad of hellish planes
Mount Selduri – A volcano that houses, instead of magma, a springwell-like gushing portal to the Positive Energy plane.
Zsasz – Small jungle and stepped temple, home of the yuanti
Sykur’s Glade – The protected glade of the famed druid Sykur

Prominent Citizens

Typical Residents

Fey, elves, sentient flora and fauna, hunters, druids, yuanti


Story So Far . . .

The Greenbelt

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