The Hub



The very center of Flux, the entire wheel turns on the Hub. Consisting primarily of a large grass plaza enveloped by Central, the Hub serves as a central amphitheater for the city. Large festivals take place there, as well as executions, weddings, and political speeches. When it is not being used for a larger event, the Hub is a full open-market bazaar catering to every need one could have.

Notable Locations

The Unhewn – A twisting pillar of untooled granite. Legend states that it is the last piece of stone from the quarry that created Flux. It is placed directly in the center of the Hub

Prominent Citizens

Neko – Rakshasa Male, Plane-Traveling salesman. Known for his affable attitude and exotic wares

Typical Residents

Shoppers, Salesman, Merchants, Thieves, Nobles


The Hub was created when Flux was first founded, as a place for the citizens to gather, mingle, and share wares.

Story So Far . . .

The Hub witnessed the Battle of the Black Gallows, the execution of Sebassis the Master of Obscenity. It is only through the actions of The Sheriff and The Ten that any survived the battle at all . . .

The Hub

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