The Keep



The center of military might, the home of the majority of Flux’s army. Operated by the Shogun, the Keep is the last line of defense against invasion. It was one of the safer places in the city, and is uniquely outfitted to repel invasion.

There are other homes available in the Keep as well, for a premium, and are often leased by paranoid noblemen or wealthy adventurers with many enemies.

Notable Locations

Barracks – There are numerous barracks in the keep, containing the majority of the cities soldiers.
Marshalling Yard – A large field within the Keep to gather forces. Most often used for training
Stables – Home of the highly-trained cavalry horses and riding lizards of the army
Twisted Trumpet – An on-base bar, popular with the garrisoned soldiers and those seeking garrisoned soldiers

Prominent Citizens

Zenobia – The Shogun of Flux, and military supreme commander
Bors deTemp – Male Rhek Knight-Captain, second-in-command of the army

Typical Residents

Soldiers, Prostitutes, Aides, Pages


Since the very first war in eons past, Flux has had a fully-devoted army at its beck and call, and the Keep to seek refuge should the worst happen.

Story So Far . . .

Tatsu, the half-dragon Samurai visited the Keep during a break in action to make contacts and pursue matters of personal interest. The half-elf Druid Vadania also owns a small fortified loft in one of the central towers of the Keep.

The Keep

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