The Palace



Home of the Prince and center of government in Flux. The Palace is enormous, taking up an entire city block, and contains all municipal buildings required to run the city. It is a combination fortress/senate/palatial estate, and is a miniature city in itself.

Notable Locations

The Parliament – Wealthy land-owners of Flux gather here to cast their vote on municipal affairs.
Northwing – The enormous home of the Prince, and most well-defended estate in the city

Prominent Citizens

Denali – Prince of Flux, Male Emerald Dragon, Appears as Male Elf

Typical Residents

Government officials, the Prince, personal guards, attendants


At least as old as the city itself, some believe the Palace existed in the middle of the Wastelands, long before Flux itself was founded. It served as a castle for some powerful lord, the rumors say, who lived alone in the Prime without servant or friend, wandering the long lonely halls of his gorgeous castle.

Story So Far . . .

Not encountered . . .

The Palace

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