The Pillars



Located north of the Prince’s palace, the Pillars is the most upscale neighborhood in Flux, containing the homes of the fabulously wealthy, the noble, and the powerful.

Notable Locations

Vista – An enormous and famous restaurant, built to arc over a fork in the Vannay River. All of its outer walls are crystal, cut perfectly to display the three-hundred and sixty-degree view of both the Pillars and nearby Tier Universus.

Prominent Citizens

Vulthoom – The Merchant King owns the most ostentatious, expensive, and well-defended estate in the Pillars
Durin Palope – A wealthy gnome who owns an enormous diamond mine in the Wastelands
Hortisque Valain – Human former mercenary, owns the largest private security firm in the city
Bimm Tork – Formerly Bimm The Orc. Ex-adventurer, famous (and wealthy) for being the only of his party to survive slaying the red dragon Gorzimantyranus and returning with its hoard
Alexander Lacenor – Half-elf, wealthy scion of an ancient noble line. Prime-renowned for his unmatched fencing abilites
Illyandre Szithe – Female silver dragon, philanthropist, and sorcerer

Typical Residents

Nobles, wealthy merchants, former adventurers, the famous, and those who wield real power.


Ancient and beautiful, powerful and enchanting, sometimes corrupt and selfish. This describes the district, and its families.

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The Pillars

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