The Red

The Red


The district of Flux well-known for its extensive brothels, which are completely legal when confined to the Red. There is a house for every proclivity, for every species, for every desire. The Red is one of the most economically rich districts in the city, and the houses and employees are kept in excellent condition.

Notable Locations

Amorphous – A house of dopplegangers who can be paid to be anyone
Gilded Swan – A traditional house of leisure, catering to humans and demi-humans alike
Into the Woods – Where the dark fey feed off unpleasant memories
La Porte de l’Enfer – A house of succubi and inccubi, demons and devils
The Sanguine Smile – A house of vampires, trading on the pleasurable side-effect of their bite

Prominent Citizens

A well kept secret, indeed.

Typical Residents

Prostitutes, escorts, johns, madames, criminals, con men, security, the wealthy, and the destitute. It is the most culturally and economically diverse district at any given time.


The oldest profession, you know.

Story So Far . . .

The Ten visited The Sanguine Smile in order to track down the thief Barnum. They found him dead, assassinated by Coin the vampire he’d paid to bite him. Tatsu discovered that the vampires of the Smile seemed particularly interested in him.

The Red

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