The Slave Quarter


Slave Quarter

In Flux, there are but three punishments for committing a crime: fine, slavery, or death. Those most egregious criminals are put to death, and minor lawbreakers pay out of their pocket or their property. But those who fall in the middle, those who steal too greatly to be fined, those who assault citizens unprovoked but perhaps do not kill them, these types are sentenced to slavery, with a term commiserate with their offense.

The slaves in Flux work The Agg primarily, giving their backs and their sweat to their community to feed the citizens. Slaves can also be leased from the government by the wealthy, who often do so and employ them as servants, attendants, and even nannies, governesses, and teachers, if their crimes betoken such trust.

The most violent slaves are taken to The Circus, where they are forced to fight in mortal combat with either each other, great beasts, or freemen challengers.

Notable Locations

None. The Slave Quarter is a walled-in slums, heavily guarded by the city’s sentries.

Prominent Citizens


Typical Residents



The existence of the Slave Quarter has waxed and waned, depending on the current Prince’s attitude toward law and slavery. More lenient Princes turn the quarter into a prison, while harsher Princes who believe only in death tend to open the area up to the poorest citizens as a slum.

The current Prince, Denali, is a huge proponent of slavery, believing prisons to be a waste of time, energy, and money.

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The Slave Quarter

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