The Slips



The shitty area of the docks meant for small or inexpensive vessels, and the group of businesses and residences that cater to the sailors, dock-workers, and low-rent merchants that would make berth there.

Notable Locations

The Wide Berth – A popular but unpleasant inn, bursting with thieves, prostitutes, sailors and rumors. Rooms rent by the hour
Swords – A weaponsmithy run by a Half-Orc named Zog. Famous for weapons so cheap even a pauper can carry a shoddy dagger
Beaten Anvil – A kender-run armorsmithy that creates terrible but inexpensive armor
The Green Flash – A medium sized hotel, four stories high. Decent quality

Prominent Citizens


Typical Residents

Thieves, sailors, longshoreman, poor fishermen, prostitutes, low-class merchants


An ancient district of Flux, with not a single building over forty-years old. None of them are built to stand up that long.

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The Slips

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