The home of the dwarven clans and people who do not wish to integrate into Flux. It is a dwarven sanctuary, where dwarves go to pray, eat, and work in dwarven culture. There are no finer metalworkers in the city, and the district makes its fair share of coin.

Notable Locations

Cask and Hammer – A tavern run by an earth elemental named Grant
Clangeddin Caro – Widely believed to be the most high-quality, if expensive, weapons in Flux
Gorthuun Vahall – A huge park, filled with statues of dwarven heroes
The Pantheona – An enormous cathedral, devoted to the dwarven gods of a hundred worlds
Stonethorn – Crafter of fine, unique armors.

Prominent Citizens

Aliza D’shan – Female dwarf noblewoman, famous for her beauty
Divv Qourto – Ancient owner of Clangeddin Caro
Mog Rockeater – Male Cleric, unofficial mayor of Thorin
Vannigan Dunhaim – Elder dwarf, professional merchant sailor. Works for Black Iron Trading
Watts Gaiavel – Gruff old dwarf and expert craftsman

Typical Residents



Thorin is named after an ancient dwarven stronghold, long ago fallen to enemy and ruin on a distant world. Since the first dwarves came to Flux, many congregated together for protection, profit, and comfort.

Story So Far . . .

Thorin was visited only briefly, by Vessel 12 who struck a deal with the owner of Caerthoon Doga, a dwarven armorsmithy, to use his tools for a price of service.


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