Tier Universus


Tier Universus

The university district, located in the mid-northeast section of the city. Widely lauded in the region and cities beyond Flux, the Tier contains the finest schools in the Prime. Many have said they might be some of the finest in all the planes.

Notable Locations

Asylum – Twin-towered fortress of the powerful arcanists guild
Dweomyr – The wizard academy
Highcastle Academy – The military-officer and warrior training school
Onavon – The bardic college
Serapeum – The Wayward Library, hugely expansive but often travels between the planes, leaving nothing but an empty lot until it returns
University of Wild Magic – The sorcerer, warlock, witch, hexblade, etc, academy. Those who manipulate raw, spontaneous power learn to hone their gifts here

Prominent Citizens

Many, to be listed.

Typical Residents

Students, teachers, con men, noble children, wealthy children, sages, wizards, faculty, and the like.


The Tier itself is a recently new development, created from whole cloth by the Prince of Flux himself. The current Prince is obsessed with knowledge and education, and has worked steadfastly to turn Flux from merely an economic and military superpower into a truly academic one. Some of the schools were created for the city, and some were folded into Flux from other planes.

Story So Far . . .

Visited recently, the Ten traveled to The Emporium in order to located the strange gem found on Sebassis’s body and later sold by Driroth. Tatsu also traveled to the Tier to research family history and other topics, visiting a library in Onavon and a temple to Oghma.

Tier Universus

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