Vessel 12

Vessel 12

“You cannot appreciate life until you understand the process of creation.”


Full Name: Vessel 12
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 3 years since rebirth

Class: Duskblade
Level: 4


A large, hulking husk of blue mithril armor that stands at 6’10” and weighing 310 pounds wielding a pulsating sword of blue energy coupled with his no nonsense attitude and erratic fighting tactics makes Vessel 12 an intimidating opponent.


From the Journal of Vessel 12

“I remember my life as a noble in a land that no longer exists. I come from 7 generations of nobles and 6 of them ruled wisely, that was until my father came into power.

He did not follow the teachings of his forefathers regarding being wise and just, but instead, only focused on himself. It took 1 generation to undo what 6 had built. I remember my wife, children, brothers and sisters…I also remember the looks on their faces when the day came that a large and united army from another land decided that my father no longer deserved to govern. I knew my place, so I gave my love to my wife and children for what was the final time and sent them away to a cottage that we kept in another land. I stood by my father, who, on the battlefield ran as my brothers and I fought for an ideal that was foreign to him. I know not what happened to my brothers that day, but I do remember being struck in the melee that took place outside of my family’s keep. As I fell to the ground, my only thought was of my wife and children, then all went black. The last thing I remember seeing with my human eyes was brief and fleeting…It was the face of a dwarf who looked at me, then off into the distance yelling” We Have One Here!”

Dancing lights, indiscernible sounds and pain of the likes that, thankfully, I will never feel again. As my vision begins to focus I made out the face of an elf looking over me saying “Good day Vessel 12”. Luckily, I was strapped to the table because I then noticed that I could not breathe…..I began to struggle and scream. The sensation of drowning was overwhelming. The Elf tried to calm me as I writhed in fear for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly I realized that I no longer needed to breathe to live….one of the many lessons that I would be learning about my new “existence” as a warforged.

As I became aware of my surroundings the elf, a male High elf Mage named Orith, told me that I was safe and that I would be spending my time with him and a female dream dwarf armorsmith named Magda. Orith and Magda were slaves of a duergar dwarf tribe called the Diamond Fists who wanted them to make an army of constructs to fight in the world of light for them. Magda made the constructs and Orith was able to transfer souls to them. It was not a perfect science since they had been working for many years and I was one of the few “Vessels” to survive….the twelfth. I was fashioned with a war mace and an item called the “collar of obedience”, which would remove my head from my body if I chose not to follow the needs of the Diamond Fists.

I was then sent out with my new brothers, dealing out the wishes of my new lords….luckily all of the missions that I was sent on were against warriors and armies, not to pillage and hurt civilians. When I was not sent to battle, I stayed with Orith and Magda, who became like a family to me. Orith taught me the ways of magic, mostly by channeling through my weapons and Magda taught me the craft of Armorsmithing, to keep myself in working condition. I hid my abilities from the Diamond Fists so as to not bring any more attention to Orith and Magda.

I was content, not with the bloodshed that I was forced to inflict, but with the makeshift family that I had learned to love. Orith and Magda taught me to savor life…that even slaves can find happiness in the little things and that being alive is a gift in itself…even for a warforged. Unfortunately, my family would be taken from me yet again. The leader of the Duergar, a dwarf simply known as “Underlord” found out about our little triad and came into Orith and Magdas workspace with 4 of his best men to show them who was in charge. Underlord needed Orith and Magda to continue their work without distraction, so they came to destroy me. Orith and Magda tried to bargin with the Underlord, stating that If he were to release me from my bondage, that they would continue to create his army. Underlord was not known for his diplomacy and instead had his 4 warriors attack me.

Orith and Magda helped me fight off the warriors as best they could, but it was the Underlord himself who landed the critical blow that destroyed the union of Orith and Magda. During the melee, Magda was able to remove the “collar of obedience” in time for the Underlord to detonate it, killing her. Enraged, I attacked the Underlord, crushing his body with my warmace until he was nothing but a pile of pulp on the floor. The remaining warriors, per their tradition, started fighting amongst themselves to see who would become the new Underlord. I grabbed Orith and we made our way out of the Duergar kingdom, into the daylight.

As we made our way down the mountainous terrain to the grasslands below, Orith told me of his love for Magda and their harmonious union of elf and dwarf, magic and metal. I helped Orith find his way back to his land of the high elves and I was given a special weapon from the leader of the high elves as a token of honor. I was given Ariel, a brilliant blue longsword, whose blade danced and pulsed as if it was a union of fire and water. I was told that Ariel would pass through non living objects as if they simply did not exist, armor would provide no safe haven from her wrath. Yet, I was also warned that its strength also proved to be its weakness and that undead and constructs had nothing to fear from Ariel. I then took my leave, saying goodbye to Orith and thanked him for his teachings and for my life.

I forged out on my own to see where my new life would take me." – Vessel 12

Story So Far . . .

Meet Orb, Meet Tatsu, go to Flux, watch an execution, drop to a lower plane, fight demons and shadow creatures, kill Sebassis and save the leader of the Diet, hunt for Sebassis’ base of operations, meet Chamber, meet and torture Druzil, find Barnum dead…then undead, go to forest, find portal, find ship, plunder ship, fight mummies and undead, search ship, AND………..dream plane. N’uff said.

Vessel 12

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