The Merchant King

“My enemies accuse me of many things: theft, espionage, thuggery, monopoly, money laundering. So, what are we having for lunch?”


Full Name: Vulthoom
Race: Dwarf (Possibly Half-Duergar)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 45-50

Title: The Merchant King
Occupation: Owner of the largest trading company in the region, owner of the second-largest hotel-casino in Flux, and extremely successful merchant with his hand in a number of businesses.


A hardy, powerfully built dwarf in flamboyant, wealthy garb. The tone of his skin, a bit grayish, has lead to rumors of some sort of Duergar in his family tree. He has black hair, a thick black beard, an an easy smile. Though he has a pair of deadly bodyguards ever at his side, those who have seen him draw the enormous two-handed blade he keeps on his back have reported some cause for alarm.

Opinion on the Merchant King depends mostly upon economic standing, personal philosophy, and how many businesses you own that are in competition with his.

Like: Those that like Vulthoom enjoy his lavish parties, eccentric nature, and flamboyant dress. Most of his employees, which number in the multiple thousands, see him as a powerful, generous, and friendly individual who expects those under him to work hard and play hard. Some suggest he may be single-handedly responsible for the current economic boom in Flux.

Dislike: Those that dislike the Merchant King see him as a greedy tyrant, earning fabulous wealth off the backs of the less-fortunate. His competition frequently accuses him of corporate espionage, unfair business practices, underhanded deals, and possible ties to the criminal underworld. Vulthoom denies very few of these accusations.


Vulthoom, like many in Flux, hails from a distant world. Having appeared in Flux with only the clothes on his back and the money in his purse (which was significant, let’s be honest), Vulthoom still managed to parlay that paltry sum into a tidy fortune before the end of his first month in the city (through a combination of hard work, well-placed gambling bets, and an extensive talent for buying useless items and turning them at a profit). Beginning with the purchase of an auction house, a curio shop, and a textile warehouse, Vulthoom expanded gradually into an empire. Now, owner of the most prosperous trading company in the region, a number of casinos, taverns, and hotels, Vulthoom has well-earned his moniker of the Merchant King.

Very little business happens in Flux that he doesn’t gain a percentage of. Vulthoom has nimbly avoided the entanglements of politics, but his voice and his money hold more sway than many would care to admit.


Vulthoom owns a large, rolling estate in Northside. Other than the Prince’s Palace and the Keep, it is widely believed to be the most well-guarded, warded, and trapped place in the entire city. When the Merchant King is in town, the odds of an impromptu party occurring every night is high.

Story So Far . . .

Vulthoom has not been encountered . . .


Vulthoom is half-duergar.

Vulthoom lives a double life, and is in fact the Man-Who-Walks, the boss of Flux’s powerful Thieves Guild.

Vulthoom is the real power in the city, and the Prince and his ilk are figureheads.

Vulthoom is a Black Dragon in disguise, and is using his merchant empire to expand his horde of gold.


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