Vuruva Halla

Vuruva Halla


The under-water portion of the city, Vuruva Halla exists a hundred feet below Flux’s main port.

Notable Locations


Prominent Citizens


Typical Residents

Kuo-Toa, Sea-Elves and other aquatic demi-human variants, Sahuagin, merfolk, intelligent fish, and the like


Four-thousand years ago, an enormous earthquake struck the city, obliterating an entire quarter. Thousands were killed, and a portion of the city sunk, forming a bay. The ruins remained, deep beneath the waves, but over time the bay became extremely profitable for Flux.

A few hundred years after that, underwater dwelling creatures began to take up residents in the ruins beneath the waves. Sapient creatures began to repair and build, cutting out a swath of the prosperous city for themselves. Eventually, the Kuo-Toans developed a separate government and city beneath the water, and dubbed it “Vuruva Halla,” which means “Born-Again” in their language.

After time, and at least two wars, Flux incorporated Vuruva Halla into itself. After the annexation, Vuruva Halla is much like the City in the Sunset, following the same laws, paying the same taxes, and all under the leadership of the Prince.

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Vuruva Halla

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