Warehouse District



The largest section of warehouses in the city, located near the docks. Contains merchandise for import/export, the more low-rent industries, illicit caches, and the like.

High in crime, though some of the Warehouses are the most well protected.

Notable Locations

Black Iron Circle – A group of ten/fifteen warehouses owned by the Black Iron Trading company, well protected and fenced-off together.
Smuggler’s Row – A back alley behind many grouped together, suspected contraband warehouses.
Cricket’s Corner – A large brewery by day, a massive in-door block party by night. Sees a lot of illicit deals.

Prominent Citizens

Many, though identifying them is the tricky part . . .

Typical Residents

Smugglers, thieves, gangs, labor workers, merchants, trading companies, etc


The Warehouses have existed as long as the sea could hold vessels to move goods.

Story So Far . . .

Not encountered . . .

Warehouse District

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