“I would give up everything I own, everything I am to get my husband back. He would do nothing less for me.”


Full Name: Zarina Valerum
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Female
Age: 65
Apparent Age: 31

Title: Warden of the Felwatch (Formerly)
Occupation: None


A beautiful woman with silver hair and golden eyes, she dresses in the long robes and pouch bandoleers of her trade.

She is sometimes cold, detached, focused more on what needs to get done rather than matters of emotion or heart. Still, there is nothing she loves more in the world than her husband Reech.


Unknown, though she was a Watch Commander in the Felwatch before recent events.

Story So Far . . .

Zarina acted as Chamber’s immediate superior following the Battle of the Black Gallows, and lent his services to the investigation the Ten were undertaking to find more information about Sebassis.

It was later discovered that when Barnum was killed by Coin, the latter was paid by a cloaked Zarina to do the job. When later confronted, it was revealed through trickery and guile that Zarina was being blackmailed by an unknown party, laden with a spell of observance to see through her very eyes.

The Ten were able to determine that Zarina’s husband, the dwarf merchant Reech, had been kidnapped, and that his assailants had been gathering sensitive information from Zarina in exchange for his life.

After they defeated the blackmailers, the Ten last saw Zarina in the company of Gauss, the Sheriff of Flux. She and her husband Reech were going underground, literally, until things settled down. She had been fired from the Felwatch, and Reech himself had been Doppleganged, and the two decided it was too dangerous to live out in the open.


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