The Shogun

“Bring me his heart. Loyalty and honor are not trifles, they are not hobbies. If we throw away duty, are we any better than animals?”


Full Name: Jozelyn Zenobia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 29

Title: The Shogun of Flux
Occupation: Head of the military, and directly responsible for the defense of the city.


Jozelyn is widely feared, as her reputation for cruelty and extreme discipline is well-documented. Though she rules the military with an iron fist and has repelled countless invasions of the city, she is widely disliked for her abrasive attitude and draconian policies.

Dislike: Those who dislike the Shogun believe her to be a fascist. She has stated on multiple public occasions her opinion about the dangerous nature of personal freedom, and has made no secret about her distaste for the Diet, and the other cities around Flux in general. Soldiers under her command refer to her (privately) as “The Great Bitch,” and oscillate between extreme hatred and abject fear.

Like: Those who approve of the Shogun state her military record, which is nearly flawless, and her superiority to the previous Shogun, who was widely believed to be an ineffectual moron. Those that like her also value great discipline and espirit de corps, two things which she has instilled in the military in great measures. Also, her abrasive attitude can be seen as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cloak-and-dagger, smile-through-your-teeth world.


Jozelyn became the Shogun twenty years ago, when she appeared to be a twenty-nine year old human, appointed from the ranks of the military by the Prince, as is tradition. Now, two-decades later, she appears to be a twenty-nine year old human. Though many wonder about this discrepancy, she is not the strangest thing in Flux by a long shot, and so most don’t really care.

During her tenure, she has repelled ten invasions of the city by outside forces, six incursions by extra-planar hostile forces inside the city, and has lead five successful overland campaigns to snuff out extremely hostile threats outside of the city.

She also holds the distinction of overseeing the most court martials, and ordering the most floggings and executions of military personnel in the history of the city. This is quite a feat, as there were more than a few Shoguns in the history of Flux that were actual demons.


The Shogun lives in the central tower of the citadel, inside the keep. Her room is surprisingly small – she turned the Shogun’s Quarters into an office/war room and took a small 12×12 officer’s room as her own.

Story So Far . . .

The Shogun has not been encountered . . .


The Shogun eats babies to fuel her immortality.

The Shogun finds young men in the army and, after mating with them, kills them.

The Shogun’s fabled spear tears the souls from its victims.

The Shogun is a demon in disguise.

The Shogun has a powerful spell of illusion cast on her once a year, and is in fact over sixty-years-old.

The Shogun slept her way to the top of the Army.

The Shogun can kill you just by looking at you, etc.


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