Flux Moire

Side Adventure


Even in slumber, the Ten refuse to stop adventuring.

One night after a long first week of escapades, the popularity and lifestyle finally caught up to the Ten. Even Vessel 12 who is known to not sleep, succumbed to the hypnotic rhythms of his own hammer strikes on an anvil. Each and everyone of the Ten were asleep and each dreamed a very personal dream. Once their vision of their own past, present or future dreams were finished they found their way to one another and shared a dream in another plane.

During the dream of Orb he was visited by his master, a large minotaur named Tusk. Tusk psionically found the ogre-mage through the world of glass to deliver a very special device; a small metal device that makes fire with a flick of the thumb. Tusk called it a “Zippo”, and he told Orb to deliver it to a magic user to make it work. With that, Orb moved out of one dream into a shared dream with Aram via a very hot silver door that Tusk placed in his dream. The wizard had seen these devices before, and he knew they made fire, so that is what they did. Once a fire was laid, Aram lit the fire and he found himself with the Ten standing next to him in a strange desert wasteland.

Standing on a valley of red salt, the ten only sees two places worth visiting. In the distance is a pyramid and far beyond that is a ruined city built into the hillside of a far away mountain. On every side of the party are wandering seemingly lost individuals, all of which have a lizard type body. The Ten quickly decide to head towards the pyramid to check it out.

The great pyramid’s doors open easily to a soft blue light, inside it smells ancient. In the middle of the open space inside the pyramid is a gnome with hollow eyes and a staff with blue runes running up the length of the haft. Near him is a strange looking metallic bird fellow. The gnome senses the Ten and grabs some black orbs and inserts them into his eye sockets. He looks at the group and kindly introduces himself as Mercutio and his assistant Hoppert. Mercutio is the caretaker of the Flagstone, the pyramid that the party now stands in. The Flagstone is also a gateway between the prime material plane and the dream plane that the Ten found themselves in. The Caretaker explains to the Ten that Flagstones are ancient gateways that are anchored in pure logic within planes. Travelers can use the gateways to move between planes as long as they can solve their riddles. In addition, they can be powerful weapons against those who will try and keep travelers from moving to another plane.

The Ten was informed by Mercutio that they will have to quickly solve the riddles for there is an entity within the dream plane that is very upset that they are there and is coming for them. They wasted no time. There are four doors at the corners of the pyramid that need to be solved to help fortify the pyramid and power it up for the journey.

1. The first puzzle was a physical test that required great dexterity and involved retrieving 4 rugs. Once retrieved they must be placed in a pattern like a jigsaw puzzle in the shape of a cross.
2. In a room encircled with fire once inside the Ten had 10 pegs that must be taken and placed in the main chamber in the holes in each of the floor tiles. The shape created must have five rows and 4 pegs in each row. The shape was a Star. Inside the Star was the safest place in the pyramid once empowered. So the ten made the star as big as they could.
3. A set of rings were found and had to be welded together in a pattern with the help of Hoppert but he only had so many uses of his ‘laser’ to help weld. These rings created a chain which would lock the doors to the pyramid to slow the people trying to get in. These were strapped on the doors as soon as it was made.
4. The last room was a physical test and to choose to fight one of three statues and score three successful hits. A silver samurai was chosen by Orb to fight. He immediately hit the other two statues for successful hits. And one lucky hit to the samurai sealed the contest. After that a disc had to be sliced by the samurai in three strikes but cut into 6 slices. This riddle was solve and for his success he was given a black coiled whip called the ‘Forked Tongue Whip.’

The entire time the Ten were trying to gather and solve all the pieces to the riddles, the doors were trying to be bashed in. The pieces were all laid out and and the pyramid was empowered just as the doors flew open. The battle was on.

A water elemental, a electricity based Air elemental and a Red demon with a large scimitar entered the fray. They immediately started to rain pain onto the Ten, but they learned quickly that within certain parts of the star that was on the floor granted certain immunities to fire, water, air, acid and magic depending where they were standing. Once this was discovered it turned the tide of the battle, until other minions and a Beholder came into the room. The worst part was that the Beholder was not the leader, he showed up at the end of the fight. The ten fought masterfully, and with a little luck destroyed not only the first wave of combatants but also the Beholder who could have killed one of the group each round if it weren’t for Mercutio and the magical protections he had placed on each of the Ten before the battle.

When the fight was over and the Ten feeling successful the boss showed his head. Only his head would fit through the door of the Pyramid! He introduced himself as Ikelos and he wanted the Ten. The group decided this was their time to leave and jumped into the center fountain that was Mercutio’s dias that he stood upon. All of the Ten made it out alive, and apparently Hoppert as well. Mercutio stayed at his pyramid as was his post.

Hoppert grabbed a couple of the fallen Ten that were too hurt to carry themselves and he threw them into the fountain. But when the Ten woke up in Flux, Hoppert was not with them, and remain a mystery whether he is in Flux or back on the Dream plane.

Game 10
"You're under Arrest!"

Reflecting on the mirrored waters in the bay just off of Elberine Beach, the sun was setting as Midnite watched from his veranda on the steps of the Fallen Star. It was a beautiful night for a fight.

“You’re under Arrest!” the false sheriff Gauss bellowed loud enough for all passers by to hear. The Ten were not afraid and looked to be mocking the Sheriff. Vessel 12 even called out the Sheriff and claimed him to be a Doppleganger. He stepped forward with some sort of magical proof of such, but something was not right. Vessel 12’s voice grew a little nervous. The Ten for the first time in recent memory seemed without confidence. Gauss declared again his intentions, the Ten charged the false Sheriff to prove their knowledge that he is indeed a false city official.

It didn’t take long, most of the Sheriff’s men were dead except for the reinforcements that teleported in. However, the false Sheriff Gauss was still standing, barely. He had his men throw shackles on all the combatants that were down and that included Orb, Tatsu, Vadania, Chamber, Dead Stanley and Vessel 12. The rest of the Ten were either not involved in the fight or fled once all hope of surviving was lost.

Vessel 12 was the first to wake. He found himself at the top of a tower, under-hung on the vaulted ceiling. He saw the others that were captured around the top of the ceiling, all unconscious. A very large white armored individual was standing at the bottom of the tower and declared “It’s good to see you again Vessel 12.” Vessel 12 responded only with the man’s name; Vessel 3.

Game 9

Game 9


Battered and bloody and a little irritated that their work was finished by some arch-mages; the Ten are led inside Onavon by the beautiful Colette Anathema. Colette is the violin teacher at the Bards College; she does her best to escort the Ten through the school without attracting too much attention. However, the large scuffle between the Ten and the Retriever was viewed by most of the students. Despite her concern, a large crowd was following the party to the Hospital. Those that needed healing received it, for Colette and all of Onavon were very grateful to the Ten for protecting whatever it was that the Retriever was after.

Healed and refreshed, the group was led to a large lecture hall. After the party walked ina small gnome with a lute starts speaking in a strange guttural language and the doors start to grow veins of iron to keep it shut, much to the chagrin of all the students outside the room.

The Ten are met by two others that combined with Colette Anathema are the representatives of Onavon. They are a gnome named Gimble, the Head Singing coach, and Belezara a beautiful elf who teaches lute. The three teachers ask many questions of the Ten and vise versa. It becomes necessary for the teachers to let the Ten in on a secret that only a few in Flux know about. The Ten decide to succumb to a spell that they will always keep the secret. Even if one of the Ten misspeak or is charmed their words will become mumbled. Those that are apart of the Secret are: Acacia, Orb, Vessel 12, Mazyx, Jalim, Aram, Vadania, Tatsu.

Gimble dims the lights with a thought, and Colette Anathema starts playing her violin. The spell has begun.
Flux is at the center of many things, and because of this many tears, holes and malignancies appear within its borders. The head bards of the college of Onavon are charged with closing all of these portals with magic. They have what is called a Geiger. They play alone at the top of their tower, and all they do is close these holes to keep the city safe. The good ones live forever, the bad ones get sucked in and the great ones kill themselves. For the magic they weave is of a tune of bards magic that is best described as ‘mad.’ The current Geiger Osao plays invisibly at the top of the tower and he has a Lehroling who happens to be Colette Anathema. The student and next Geiger will be Gimble. The Geiger plays a Viola, the Zan Viola, that plays the music that contains a madness that will close the holes in reality.

One hundred years ago, a retriever was caught in The Hub and frozen on ice.

At the end of the story, Gimble opens the doors to the lecture hall to reveal Kaylan Deathwing. The Ten immediately see if he needs anything, and are very happy to see him. Kaylan was apparently gone for four months in the other dimension. For the Ten it had only been a few hours. Kaylan describes thousands of the scouts in this other dimension. Ezra disappeared quickly and they could not find her. Also, Driroth, aka ‘Peanut’, was seen and alive but was on a personal mission of some sort… The horde of ‘scouts’ were digging a gigantic hole in the middle of the desolate world. The sky is black and seems to be living.

During the four months they were there Burrich worked diligently to close the portal. Once he decided it was time to go back, they started to make their way through the malignancy and the ‘scouts’ went ballistic and started attacking. Burrich and Kaylan Deathwing made it back through but the flesh Golem Winslow who was guarding their retreat was not as lucky.

The Ten continued their conversation with the Bards in the sealed lecture hall. Apparently there is a legend of an army of constructs that is virtually unstoppable. To follow up on who was involved with the release of this Retreiver, Belezara prepared herself to read the mind of the Halfling Willem who was still under a charm from Mazyx. It turns out the Druzil was the one who charmed all three halflings and gave them some fire sticks to melt the ice. Conveniently the fire wands were no where to be found after the battle in the Grey stone trading company. But the most important piece of knowledge that Belezara gleaned was that he smelled of whisky.

With all of the knowledge that was gained by listening to the Bards, the Ten decide to take some action. They need to find Druzil. One of the bards mentioned that there are a couple of shady bars down by Bayside and The Slips. It was determined that the best probable bar that he would hang out in would be The Fallen Star who was owned and operated by the famously neutral owner Midnite.

On the way, Mazyx decides to send his psicrystal to go find Chamber, he is the expert in catching Druzil

It was determined that to get into The Fallen Star one must be psychic or have coin to buy his way in. The Ten did both of these entry fees.

Many strange people and creatures hang out in The Fallen Star some of them famous: Mangus was drunk at the bar with a hot chick behind him waiting for someone… There was a Gaunt man – actually strange green person with a good talking to a Golden armored chick. There was even a girl in a sun dress, clearly the most dangerous of all the denizens, including a Balhor dæmon was eating a bucket half full of Kobalds. Additionally, a white haired man with a gigantic Flamberge was drinking a massive goblet of blood. All beings of every plane and distant land can hang out at the The Fallen Star without prejudice or fear of arrest.

In the far corner was a very drunk imp talking with a guy with a pin striped suit and rectangular glasses, Midnite.

Many different tactics were taken to get information out of Druzil but clearly the only thing that helped was more whisky, or a very powerful drink called ’power word kill.’
Apparently, Sebassis is playing very loud terrible music all day everyday, and Druzil used to be the Bahlor dæmon’s familiar!

A deal is struck with Midnite to be able to take the now passed out Druzil away from the bar but the Ten have to bring him back within 24 hours with no memory of what we did. So, of course the Ten take the deal and leave the bar.

Standing outside of the bar silhouetted by the setting sun on the calm bay is the false Sheriff and a platoon of Sentries. The Sheriff yells to the Ten “Lay down your weapons, you are all under arrest.”

Game 8

The Ten quickly take inventory after the battle in the warehouse. No deaths check; all items accounted for, check; minor wounds, definitely. Then all attention is diverted to the problem: the massive tear in reality that is standing before them.

Windslow the flesh Golem and Flazen the mercury golem both survived the melee relatively unscathed. However, their master, Burrich was not as lucky. He lives, but barely. Vessel 12 immediately gets his tool kit out and starts working to fix the old warforged. Quickly a repair spell is applied and Burrich wakes up and finishes the ‘healing’ process.

Now that Burrich is awake, the questions rain down on him. He has a few answers, as do the academics among the Ten. Meanwhile the spider creature is crashing his way through Flux leaving a path of destruction in his wake. The Ten decide to take a closer look at the Portal, it turns out it is a Rend in Reality that is called a Malignancy. And kept unchecked the malignancy will only get bigger, according to Burrich. Not only is this malignancy a tear in reality, it is a tear through time that leads to another Prime Material Plane. Additional questions were asked about the spider beast. And with Burrich’s knowledge combined with that of those of the Ten skilled in the arts of arcanic lore; it was determined that the beast was indeed a ‘Retriever.’ It is an extra-planer construct that is built specifically to find items or even people. They are highly resistant to damage and constantly repairs itself. Retrievers also are always under the effects of a ‘discern location spell.’ Once awakened, a Retriever will not stop until they retrieve the object or person that they are programmed to find. Unless of course they are stopped first, which to the Ten, is the only option.

A fluttering of wings is heard in the front of the warehouse and Kalen Deathwing dispatches himself to find the source of the sound. Kalen found what looked like a toad with feathered batwings. It flew over to Burrich who explained that it was his homunculus “Nezeroh”. Once that Burrich was healed and whole, he decides to take Nezeroh and Windslow into the rift to close it. Before he leaves, Burrich charges Flazen to take down the retriever. Then he and his companions jump into the rift, Kaylen Deathwing without hesitation, follows them into the rift with complaints from the Ten.

The Ten fly out into the streets hidden from view of the false Sheriff and his Riot-geared Sentries. They fly down the path that the Retriever has made by destroying buildings, making his own road through Flux.

Meanwhile, Vadania was out on some personal errands and was conferring with an orange cat-like gentleman named Nico in the Hub. The Ten swoop down and snatch her up from her dealings so she could help in the pursuit of the Retriever.

It becomes quite apparent to the Ten, as they flew after their prey, that the Retriever was heading towards Onavon the bard college inside of Tier Universus. Standing in defiance out front of the college was a very familiar dragon, Tatsu and a dwarven samurai named Anryu Dokuga. They were met with the cheers of the Ten as the battle outside Onavon began in earnest. The Retriever was focused on its target which was at the top of a tower. The Ten plus Flazen and the Samuraii Anryu Dokuga kept fighting the beast as it climbed the tower towards its prize. The group kept up with their prey any way they could, flying, climbing or even riding the beast as it moved emotionlessly forward. Many were hurt or flung off the tower, as the beast pressed on. Just as the Retriever reached the top of the tower it was vanquished and plummeted backward all the way to the ground. Just then very loud noise and flashing red light started to pulse out of the retriever as it regenerated with quickness. The Ten’s hopes were dashed, all that work for naught.

As the Ten retightened their grips on their weapons to start again, three doorways rose from the ground. The three heads of the Triumvirate and Archmages of the Asylum step out. Apparently they were called to arms by Colette Anathema a violinist who was playing her violin during the fight. The Triumvirate did not hold back in their use of their specialized magic. A scintillating dome was conjured over the beast so he could not move. Mangus summoned a swarm of swords that pelted the Retriever in a tornado of death. Riah summoned an Elder Earth Elemental to pummel the enemy. Finally in a fit of frustration Kozier banished the beast from whence he came, with a snap of his fingers.

The Ten did a quick inventory check and realized Mazyx was missing. Apparently, he got himself Faerie napped by a bounty hunter. With some quick thinking and a sharp knife, he cut the lining of the enchanted bag that contained him.

The Ten did not have time to talk with the Archmages, they left the scene as quickly as they arrived. While talking with Colette Anathema, the Sheriff of Flux and his Sentries show up to arrest the Ten. He is informed that they have taken Sanctuary under the protection of Onavon, which incidentally is a church. The Sheriff left in a huff.

Game 7

Faced with a difficult decision, the Ten decided to choose themselves. To most it would seem they chose the Statuary over the city, however the Ten wanted to decide for themselves what this powerful construct was all about. So, Vessel 12 smashed the pearl.

A knock at Aram‘s shop door signaled the Statuary’s presence. Flazen along with two twin wizards entered the shop. Elves by the name of Selen and Velen quickly started work on a Teleportation circle that would take the Ten to a Warehouse yard.

After being whisked away through time and space, the Ten found themselves standing just outside of the Grey Stone Trading Company. The owner of the company Burrich was there to greet the Ten. He welcomed the group and the Ten quickly started their assessment of the situation. It turns out that this construct was originally found by Pocket. It is filled with extra-planar tools and multiple appendages. Burrich feels that he is very close to reviving the beast and is just about to conduct a ceremony that would imbue the soul of a friend construct, Ezra, into the beast. Her original warforged body is too old and she needs a new home. With such a heart-warming story, how could the Ten not help out the Statuary

Pocket steps forth from the shadows to five the Ten a briefing on the units that are on their way to infiltrate the warehouse and destroy the beast. A company of White Ravens have been dispatched with one high level leader. Also, a Sha’Tamu (Mages of the Grey) Necromancer has also been employed.

The group has just a half an hour to set up a defensible position inside a warehouse with far too many outside doors to protect from. Traps were laid, spells were cast, the Ten felt as if their hasty ambush was a good plan. It was not. The White Ravens appeared just outside the gate revealing their position. Apparently, they had been there for quite a while and knew all about the plan. Ethelas the bald leader of the White Ravens declared his intentions to kill all who oppose him. The Ten ignore his request and the battle begins.

Mercenaries flood in through every exit and entrance of the Grey Stone Trading Company. The Ten hold their ground but are flanked on all sides. They pull back into the warehouse after extinguishing most of the White Ravens. From there the Necromancer descends in from a blast in the roof. The Ten dispatch him and his servants within a few rounds. Meanwhile a group of rogue half-lings sneak into a secret room which contains a monstrous spider demon encased in Ice. The Ten were unaware of this room or beast. Mazyx who found the halflings starts to charm each one and fire upon each other with their fire wands instead of at ice, containing the beast. Unfortunetly he was too late and the monster explodes from it’s icy prison and starts to smash through the walls, killing everyone in its path.

Meanwhile the ceremony is finished and Ezra’s soul has been transfered during the battle. The construct comes to life just as the demonic spider crashes through the wall. The two beasts swing at each other a few times then both make their escapes. The spider through the back wall, and the construct through a tear in the fabric of reality that it made!

Explosions tear through the hallways as the ten light makeshift powder barrels and toss them towards the assailants. Chaos reigns the in the warehouse.

Afterward, the Ten plus a few of the Statuary are left standing wondering what they should do. Burrich, the owner of the warehouse and the warforged who seems to have most of the answers is badly hurt. Vessel 12 gets out his kit and starts to fix the old mage.

Not knowing what future holds for him, the hero Driroth decides to jump through the newly created tear in reality and follows the construct. No one else decides to follow.

Game 6


Driroth was enjoying his daiquiri. His keen sense of sight was the only thing that saved him. The platoon of assassins who attacked were not ready for the fury of Peanut. His drink flew through the air as he attacked the first of the waves of assassins that flooded over the side of the ship. In a blood fury, time passes fast. Driroth with no other foes to vanquish was saddened at the sight of his empty cut on the deck of The Osirin.

Meanwhile, back inside Aram’s shop the Ten were deciding their next action when a strange looking family comes in. They are not what they seem, and soon transform out of the dweomer placed upon them and turn into Gauss, Reech, Zarina and Ahrimell. Ahrimell was quickly introduced to the party and started examining the shop for spys and spying devices. Zarina wanted to show her gratitude to the ten and gave them 100 gold pieces as a thank you. The Sheriff tells the party of his need to go and find the fortress in the wasteland that held him captive for so long. He also explains that Ahrimell has graciously given Zarina and Reech sanctuary in his old sunken Abbey. A place that he has made into a safe house during a lifetime of paranoia and magical proficiency. Anyone who stays there may not be scryed upon or gleened in any way. Also, it is absolutely teleport proof. The invitation to this enchantment breaking palace was also given to the Ten if they need it. A feather that works only once was given. If those who seek passage can make it to the thieves highway must drop the feather. The Ten were specifically told by Ahrimell to “remember how to get there, cause it only works once!” In addition, Gauss was asked if the Ten need to trust any of his guard who they should contact. He told the group of a captain named Antinen who is loyal. Also, Gauss will be unreachable for the foreseeable future so if the Ten need to contact him, contact Ahrimell first.

Vessel 12 decided it was prudent to find a bank for his gold so he decided to leave it with a bank run by Duegars that has never in the history of flux to have been infiltrated and robbed. Zog is the Duegar who is always there… On his way back from the bank Pocket stops him on the side of the street. Pocket wanted to introduce someone of interest to Vessel 12; just then a liquid metallic substance started to come out of the nearest grate in the street. It quickly formed into the shape of a large man and introduced himself as Flazen, a mercury golem and member of Statuary. He explains that the Statuary is an organization of constructs who want personal freedoms and rights like the rest of the living. Flazen offers Vessel 12, and his servants (the Ten) a job to protect a very special construct that has been hidden from city officers. Vessel 12 was given a small pearl and was told to smash it if he accepted their job offer. The job was for 2000 gold to protect with an additional 2000 gold if successful.

While Aram was tending to his shop a shade stopped him in his stairwell to talk. It turns out that the Shade is the right hand “Man” of Denari the Prince of Flux. The shade offered Aram a job to destroy a construct that has been hidden by the Statuary.

So now the Ten is stuck with the choice of protecting this mechanical beast from city officials and thus spurning the Prince. Or help the city by turning into mercenaries and destroying the construct.

The Ten decided to help the Statuary only because they offered more time to view the construct. The group wanted to find out why this construct was so important to so many different people. They tried to make it clear to both parties that they were trying not to take sides until they could decide on their own, what was at stake.

Game 5

Many lessons were learned in the battle below Salamander Sal’s shop, but the most important lesson was that fighting a Pyromancer was a bad idea.

Dasqana held her own against the fury of the ten. Her bowman didn’t get many opportunities to smite any of group, but the pyromancer did, over and over again.

Much healing was required during the battle and after, but the Ten were victorious after Dasqana’s head was removed from her shoulders from a terrible blow from The Inevitable. However, her body teleported away as the sound of a contingency went off once she died…

If it weren’t for the selfless act of jumping into a portal after Reech both Vadania and Deathwing, the dwarf would be dead today. The two of ten ended up in a cage in a faraway castle courtyard. The Raptoran Kaylan Deathwing used his acidic abilities to eat through the cage to escape. In the middle of the courtyard a dark skinned man was being held captive. So, the two and Reech decided that all captives in this castle must be friends. They rushed to the mans side and realized it was Gauss the sheriff of the city. The denizens of the castle started to appear including a white clad leader who was unhappy about his quarry trying to escape. A few dopplegangers got through and darted the captives, and it is known that their personae will be used against their will somewhere somehow. Gauss quickly summoned his staff of office, and teleported the party back to safety in Flux.

Salamander Sal was not pleased with the state of his storage area after the melee. In fact his exact words were, “What the fuck?” He was also not given any spoils, for Dasqana had quite a few shiny trinkets that she left behind.

Gauss had much information to tell the Ten, but little time to do it in. In confidence he informed the Ten of his relationship with Zenobia the Shogun of Flux. He needed to leave to tell her she was in danger, for Gauss had been taken long ago. And this was actually the first time the ten were meeting the real Sheriff. He had been doppleganged a few weeks back. The ten then realized there were few people they could actually trust beyond themselves, for a dark and twisted plot has been revealed in the quiet town of Flux.

Game 4

The Ten spent a few hours scouring The Osirin for spoils and clues. A few items of note were found by Orb: Two chests, one filled with gold the other semi-precious gemstones. Also, the phrase “Lummitus, 66 souls should be enough…” scribbled on a piece of paper. Another shred of paper just says the word, “Asterion?”
The others found a couple of books that were deemed magical and were confiscated.

One of the living “Zombies” was also discovered to be still living. He has been recovering slowly on the ship on a diet of peanuts and daiquiris.

Once the ship was ransacked it was determined a few should stay to guard the ship. The rest of the ten decided to head back to town. Once back in the jungle a green cloaked figured approached the group asking questions aboutBarnum. His name was Pocket and spoke for the Men about town. Little information was given and received, but Pocket was well met, it is hoped.

The ten decided to make their way over to the headquarters of the Felwatch, Beaken Manor.
Once inside the group met with Zarina. She seemed moderately happy with the Ten and they were given a Silver scroll case which contained a letter of Mark for demons that are considered an extreme menice to society. If the Ten decided to hunt demons, the letter gives them authority and they will be paid 1200 gold for each demon “apprehended.” Zarina was acting very strangely during their meeting but managed to ask the Ten for their help without prying eyes or ears being able to understand the news.

After deciding to help Zarina, the Ten decided to head over to the Emporium to find the salesman who bought Sebassis’ soul gem from Driroth aka Peanut. A small dwarf was unlucky enough to tell the Ten that he was the purchaser of the gem. He was taken into a back room and interrogated until the following information was gleaned:
That Zarina’s husband Reech has been apprehended by agents of Sebassis and taken underground in the section of town called Piston at an unnamed dark magic shop owned by Salamander Sal.

The group enters Salamander Sal’s shop and starts asking questions. Sal momentarily silences the area to tell the group that below his shop were a group of Yuan-ti holding a prisoner (Reech) captive. The group comes up with a hasty ambush and descends the stairs to rescue Reech.

The Ten walk right into an ambush. Dasqana and a band of Yuan-Ti archers stand ready with a dagger poised to dispatch Reech if the Ten don’t do as she asks. Typically the Ten do not obey the terrorist and decide to fight instead of negotiate. Reech’s throat is cut and he is dropped through a portal. Melee insues.

Game 3
"Ship in a Bottle"


Vessel 12

Mummies, Zombies and Ghasts oh my!!

All the undead were killed along with some ‘sick’ innocents. However, in the official report they are labeled as zombies.

During the melee the following information was gathered:
The Osirin has no fire extinguishing capabilities.
• The male mummy knew how to fly The Osirin. He did so by touching the wheel.
• Anyone can fly the airship by entering a test of wills with the entity that seems to be onboard and ‘touched’ through the wheel.
The Osirin runs on Necromantic engines. Probably sacrifices, still unknown for sure.
• The airship is very fast and has a threshold of 50’ above the water. Cannot go below ‘the hard-deck.’
• Frostopus is awesome.
• Pixies are great firemen.
• An agent of Soulspirail has found Orb.

After the battle the deck was scoured for spoils of war. Some was found on the mummies.

In the captain’s quarters carved into the ?headboard? were the phrases “eternal life,” “Lumitus,” “Marus,” “66 souls.”

(After game 3 over email, the party did a very thorough investigation of the ship.)

Game 2


Vessel 12

The aftermath of The Execution was bloody indeed. Ninety Eight souls dropped down a plane, few were willing to fight, and those that did survived. Only Thirty Two survived the melee. Even in death, Sebassis got what he came for. The blood and souls of Sixty Six innocents were missing, gathered by a great beast. Omen? Prophesy? What is now known is that The Ten are entwined in a tangled skein of murder, lies and deceit, born from a lust for power. Even in death, Sebassis holds sway.

The ten split up some of the spoils of war that were kept after the battle of The Hub. The two most notable items were the executioner’s former axe The Inevitable was given to Orb, and a purple stone, that was found on Sebassis’ chest was taken by Peanut (Driroth), who immediately sold the “soul gem” to the nearest magic item shop. Unbeknownst to the Ten until after the transaction, party members scolded Peanut for his lack of courtesy and were taught a painful lesson. For it is now known that that gem was a hinge-pin to Sebassis’ plans.

After the Ten finished their personnel errands (including Vessel 12 who struck a deal with a Dwarven Weaponsmith) they met back at The Hub, where Sheriff Gauss was in attendance observing the previously nights crime scene. The party quickly made there way over to the Sheriff to find out any outstanding information about the battle. The Ten learned that an investigation was ongoing and that the city had involved members of the Fell Watch to help. The group was well met by Zarina who was the main contact for the Fell Watch who was in charge of the supernatural component of the investigation. Zarina was given permission by Sheriff Gauss and by proxy PrinceDenari, to offer the Ten a role in the investigation. The group quickly accepted and was escorted by the Sheriff to Precinct One.

Sheriff Gauss led the group into Precinct One of the Sentries. He ushered them down into the dungeons below the tower where they met Zarina’s subordinate Chamber a Warden of the Fell Watch (who has two very wicked looking wands Chamber’s Wands). Chamber led the party over to a shackled Imp named Druzil who was Sebassis’ familiar. He gave free reign to get information out of the imp to the Ten. Vessel 12 took over the interrogation of Druzil with quick reprimands for non answers. After Vessel 12 removed Druzil ’s tail, horns and one arm, very little but vital information was gathered: that Sebassis’ lair was somewhere in Zsasz within The Greenbelt. And from his evil hideout only one man ever escaped his clutches, a thief by the name of Barnum. In addition, it was learned by talking with Chamber that he caught the familiar Druzil at the orphanage of Saint Cains.

After gathering as much intelligence from Druzil and Chamberas the group thought necessary, they decided to head over to the orphanage to find out why Sebassis invaded there three times. On the third time is when Chamber caught Druzil. The group talked with a nun named Mishicol. It seems that the orphanage was one of the places where Sebassis would come to steal children for his profane magics. Particularly one of the children’s drawings stood out as the fear that Sebassis imparted on these innocent children. Finding that this was only a dead end, the party decided to track the thief Barnum.

Feeling bad about tearing Druzil appendages off, Vessel 12 decided to make a cage for the imp and started feeding him meats. This tactic is where the group found out about Barnum and his ability to escape the clutches of Sebassis. It was discovered that Barnum ’s favorite haunt was that of the feared vampire bar the Sanguine Smile. The group made quick friends with the barkeep named Jeremi by handing him some gold pieces. He disclosed that indeed Barnum hung out there and he was actually in the building with his favorite girl Coin. The party found out what room he was in and rushed up stairs to confront the thief.

Inside Coin’s room was a frightening scene. Coin was crawled up in the corner crying. At the foot of the bed was a blood bath and the remains of Barnum, the ten called up Jeremi to look after Coin. After a little investigating, Coin admitted that she was the one who had killed her patron! With some quick thinking by Driroth he read her mind to find out why. He saw in the mists of her mind a whitish blond lady in a cloak offering Coin some coin to kill Barnum. The lady looked exactly like Zarina who was playing on Coin’s private problem of an addiction to Werewolf’s blood to do some ‘dirty work.’ The group was shocked to hear of the revelation and kept the information quiet from Chamber until further notice, just in case…

Coin and Jeremi offered to raise Barnum as a vampire to avoid any legal trouble and the group would get some answers for ‘saving’ Barnum’s life. After he was raised and healed. He was told to lead the Ten to Sebassis’ lair in Zsasz. Chamber mentioned it might be a good idea to get a writ to enter the land of Yuan-ti, as they are not a kind folk.

The group made there way to the Greenbelt with Barnum and Chamber. They rented some boats to travel down the main river. Most of the party flew just above the boats to avoid spending too much gold. About one hour into the journey a fork in the river was reached. On the small peninsula was Precinct Six, the lone jurisdiction to the whole of The Green belt. The group took the right side of the fork in the river. Further down the lazy river the land on the left side of the river suddenly turned into a thick triple canopied jungle. Eyes were quickly felt on the party and nerves ran high. Soon thereafter Barnum had the boats pull off to the side of the river. He led the party into the thick jungle.

It didn’t take long for the group to know they were being watched and followed. Chamber held up the writ hoping that that would quell the anger of the denizens of Zsasz. His rank and writ seemed to do the job and the group found their way to a triad of dead trees, the gateway to Sebassis’ lair. Barnum pointed upward to a portal that hung betwixt and above the trees. The party members that could fly helped those that could not and they flew through the portal to another dimension. Suddenly they were in the middle of an ocean plane, and above the water and portal was an Airship that was resting mid-flight. The ship was Sebassis home.

On board The Osirin the ten scoured the ship for clues. A cargo hold full of undead was left for Peanut to guard as punishment for selling the soul gem. The rest of the group made there way to the captain’s quarters and searched. Under a carpet a secret door to the profanimancer’s personal library was found and it was filled with hundreds of valuable books of undeath and evil. Inside the secret library was another secret door that led to a lab. There were 4 tables, one of which had a dead Yuan-ti whose throat had been cut. Body parts littered another table, and on a third table a large pan filled with blood. Two large cabinets were filled with components and some potions, which the group quickly pilfered. A few interesting items were found, including a snake statue which was the key into finding his secret lab (within a secret lab, within a secret library.) Inside this lab were two headless Yuan-ti who were writhing. They both had similar gem stones on their chests but smaller that the purple one that Peanut sold.

Satisfied with the information found to this point, the group decided to head back up on deck. Unfortunately they discovered Driroth had gotten bored and wondered into the forecastle to search some empty coffins that were there. In place of where Peanut was standing were two Mummies tearing off the lock and chains to the hold of undead. On the forehead of the lead Mummy was burned the sigil of the Shepard of Soulspirail. Weapons were readied, spells were cast. The Ten charged through the doors of the Captain’s Quarters on The Osirin to brush with death.