• Acacia


    Killoren ranger. Stealth extraordinaire (except when she's riding around on her giant owl, Teco). Usually has brown skin, evergreen hair (when she takes the Killoren aspect of the hunter which she uses most often). She comes in at a lanky 6 ft. Acacia has
  • Aram


    Character Sheet for Aram
  • Kaylan Deathwing

    Kaylan Deathwing

    Raptoran Warlock (Lawful Nuetral)
  • Orb


    Psionic Ogre Mage
  • Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu

    Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu

    A half-dragon samurai from the island of Tsukushi. The last survivor of an ambush on his clan.
  • Vadania


    Half-elf Druid